Have We Been Keeping Our Milk In The Wrong Place? Here’s Where It Should Go

Us Aussies love milk! In fact, it is estimated that each Aussie sips more than 105 litres PER YEAR of the calcium-rich stuff. But if you’re one of the many people who store their milk in the fridge door, you need to stop that right now.

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A guide by Good Housekeeping UK has found that as the warmest part of the fridge, the door, is the worst place to store your milk.

So if your milk tends to go off quickly, this could be the reason behind it.

The guide outlines where exactly you should be storing different foods in your fridge. This way, you can ensure that your food not only stays fresher for longer but you’ll be able to maximise space and reduce your food wastage. Winning!

Which Section Of The Fridge Does That Belong In?

Top Shelf

Up the top shelf, you should keep your deli meats and leftovers, basically anything that doesn’t require cooking or is already cooked.

Middle Shelves

Milk, this is your new home! In fact, put all your dairy products including yoghurt, cheese and butter on the middle or lower shelves.

Bottom Shelf

As the coldest part of the fridge, this is where any raw meat or fish should be kept. Make sure you wrap it up and keep it separate from any cooked food to avoid cross-contamination.


Keep your fruits, vegetables and herbs down here in their original packaging. Don’t keep them at the back of the fridge which is the coldest part as it’s colder and these delicate foods can easily freeze and go off back there.

Fridge door

So if you shouldn’t put milk there, what goes there instead? Well, anything with natural preservatives such as juice, jams and other condiments should belong here.

pregnant woman pouring milk on cereal

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