22 things that doctors don’t tell you about childbirth

Inevitably, come the end of your pregnancy, a baby will be born. Whether this be through labour and vaginal delivery, or caesarean.

Our midwives and doctors will try to prepare us as much as they can about what is to come. Most mums will also read every on birth every published and attend all the pre-natal classes available to get prepared for birthing a baby.

But here’s the thing…there is still so much that happens in that delivery room that you will never know until you’re in there ready to give birth.

what doctors don't tell you about childbirthSurprisingly (or not), with each consecutive birth, there is still more you didn’t know, or weren’t expecting.

We asked out awesome Healthy Mummy community to share their birth stories with us and to tell us what surprised them during child birth that their doctor or midwife hasn’t warned them about.

22 things doctors don’t tell you about childbirth (from the mouths of mums)

Before childbirth and labour begins

1. The last month will actually be the longest part of your pregnancy. You will probably research every wives’ tale to induce labour!

2. The mucus plug = bloody slug. Enough said!

3. Ironically, your waters can gush like in the movies, but they don’t stop. Your body will continue to produce amnio fluid and it will continue to leak until babe is born.

4. Your labour can last days upon days. Or, you can sometimes only just make it to the hospital on time! Labour can be peaceful, or it can be chaos.

5. Birth plans are a good idea to have but, don’t necessarily go to plan. Perhaps go in with ‘birth intentions’ and have an open mind to veering off your course.

stages of labour

During labour

6.Your body is made for this, trust yourself and your body. It knows what it is doing.

7. Avoid fear. Your contractions are your body’s way of peeling open your cervix. Remind yourself, with each contraction you are one step closer.

8. Poop is pretty much guaranteed.

9. Labour is primal. You will feel empowered, animalistic. Embrace this.

10. A caesarian is not a failure. It is a life-saving procedure.

11. Through transition you will completely doubt yourself. You feel like all strength and power is gone and you’ve nothing left to give. You will feel like crying, or screaming. Allow yourself to feel this, because before long your strength comes back.

12. Some women can find the birthing process orgasmic.

13. Many different people will look at your hoo-haa.

14. An epidural is one of the strangest sensations. Yes, they are incredible pain blockers, but after birth it takes a while to get the sensation back into your legs.

After childbirth

what doctors don't tell you about childbirth

15. There will be blood.

16. And clots, you will pass clots as big as oranges. Don’t freak out! Totally normal.

17. Breastfeeding can be difficult and you may need help. Expect to be milked by the midwives and you will probably feel like a dairy cow, but don’t worry it’s not just you.

18. Day 3 is the single most emotional day of your life. The baby blues are real, and something that no one can prepare you for. You will feel overwhelmed, not yourself and there will be lots of tears. You might even question if you are depressed, but the next day it will all be over.  If it does last longer, then we recommend you speak to your doctor or midwife.

19. When your milk comes in your boobs will triple in size and be rock-hard and painful.

20. Bonding with your babe doesn’t always happen straight away. But I promise, the love will come.

21. You will have to advise the nurse when you have pooped. Speaking of, that first one is terrifying, but it’s not as bad as you think it will be.

22.  Your baby bump does not go down straight away.  It may still look like you’re pregnant for a good few days after giving birth.  If you want to find out more about how to lose baby weight after having you baby, click HERE.

Best of all, once all this over you will hardly remember a thing except what an incredible experience you had and what a miracle child birth really is.

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