Not Just For Babies – 28 Other Incredible Uses For Breast Milk

They don’t call the stuff ‘liquid gold’ for nothing!  You won’t believe some of these additional (and incredibly beneficial) uses for breast milk!
35 Other Incredible Uses For Breast Milk

For Baby and Child Related Problems

  • Nappy rash – If bub has nappy rash, add milk to the affected area, let it air dry and voila! No more nappy rash!
  • Baby acne – Many of the common rashes that bub gets can be soothed by adding a squirt of breast milk to the affected area.
  • Cradle cap – Skip the oil. Massage breast milk into bub’s scalp to help loosen the skin and get rid of cradle cap.
  • Ear infections – Add a few drops into the ear canal every few hours to help clear up an ear infection.
  • Chicken pox – Relieve the itchiness of chicken pox with a dab of milk to the spots.
  • Immune defence – Breast milk is great for building up a child’s immune system and can help combat against many illnesses and infections.
  • Clogged tear ducts – A common problem for infants, clogged tear ducts can easily be fixed by dabbing a bit of milk to the eye.
  • Conjunctivitis/Stys – This is also the case for other eye-related concerns including pink eye.
  • Congestion – Bub all stuffed up? Breast milk can help unblock his little nose when you squirt a small amount into each nostril.

Not Just For Babies - 35 Other Incredible Uses For Breast Milk

For First Aid Treatment

  • Pain relief – Breast milk can actually reduce pain felt by your child. Plus, it’s a great comfort mechanism.
  • Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac: Try dabbing at the itchy spots with a cotton ball soaked with the liquid gold.
  • Cuts and scrapes – Sorry Lucas Paw Paw. You’re out. Breast milk is your body’s natural antiseptic and works wonders on soothing pain and healing wounds.
  • Insect bites – Take away the sting and the itch with a dab of milk to the area.
  • Wart removal – Warts are nasty things and there are countless home remedies that may work to help get rid of them. Breast milk is one of them. Simply place a cotton ball saturated with milk on the wart for a few minutes twice a day until the wart dries up (it may take several days).
  • Sunburn – Gently pat the burn with a cloth soaked in milk to ease the pain and heal the skin.

For Mum (and Dad)

  • Illness prevention – Breastfeeding can help mum ward off a number of illnesses and has been known to help prevent some cancers and diseases.
  • Deodorant – Some mums swear that rubbing milk under their arms and letting it dry keeps them fresh all day. Go figure!
  • Makeup removal – Ditch the harsh removers and try using milk to take off that water-proof mascara every night. You will be surprised how easily it works!
  • Lotion – You can also add a few dabs of milk to your dry skin for boosted hydration. Hey, it’s probably better than spit!
  • Chapped lips – In addition to lotion, your milk can also make a great lubricant for dry, sunburnt lips.
  • Sore nipples – Breastfeeding can lead to very sore nipples. The easiest (and cheapest) way to heal them is to add breast milk to your nipple area. How’s that for irony?
  • Birth control – While not 100 per cent effective, exclusive breastfeeding can help prevent pregnancy (but it’s ALWAYS BEST to use a backup method as well).
  • Acne – Dab a bit of breast milk and coconut oil to the pimple.
  • Soap – Yep. You can buy breast milk soap. Or, you can make it yourself!
  • Puffy eyes – Lack of sleep getting the better of you? Try placing two cotton balls saturated with milk on your eyes for an instant eye lifter.

Additional Uses for Breast Milk

  • Donation – Excess breast milk can be donated to hospitals and milk bank centres.
  • Necklaces – You can solidify your breast milk into a type of bead, perfect for a necklace or piece of jewellery (and a great way to commemorate your breastfeeding days).
  • Lens cleaning – No saline solution? Try breast milk to clean your contact lens.

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