7 Things First Time School Mums MUST Know

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If you’re about to become a school mum for the first time then expectations and emotions will be running high as you send off your child off into the big wide world without you.

But what will it be like? Here are 7 things first time school mums must know, from a mum who is sending her third child to school this year.

7 Things First Time School Mums MUST Know

No matter how hard you try to prepare yourself mentally for school, it’s the emotions that often get the better part of you. Will your child know where the loo is? What if they get lost? Maybe no one will play with them?

These are all valid concerns, but here is some advice to keep tucked under your hat for when anxiety and worry gets the best of you.

7 Things First Time School Mums Must Know

1. No Friends

Your heart will be torn to shreds when your child tells you they played ‘nothing’  with ‘no one’. Be rest assured this isn’t the case, they just don’t know the names of the kids they were hanging with. This lasts for a few weeks often months!

2. Don’t Risk It

Forget how sweet and pretty your child looks with their hair down. First time schoolies are headlice magnets, scratch scratch, as they sit so close to each other on the mat. Put your child’s hair up, douse in hairspray to stop the suckers from attaching and hope for the best. Here is some more advice on how to get rid of the pesky things.

3. That Nervous Wait

When you go to collect your child from their classroom you will stand around outside the door with a bunch of strangers. Some will smile, others will snare and if you’re lucky you might just get along with another parent. This person will be your go-to as you rock up alone and nervous at pick up time.

4. Tread Gently

Keep in mind that a teacher of first years is basically like a parent to 24 children, especially those younger ones or first-borns. Try not to bombard them on the first day, maybe send an email with you concerns, they’ll be able to take it in better.

7 Things First Time School Mums MUST Know

5. Really? Every Day?

Children are so excited about the first week of school and still usually pumped about the second. But by the third week many kids are exhausted and tell you they need a day off. Others ask if this school gig is a regular daily occurrence!

6. Get Involved

If you’ve got time then ask your child’s teacher if you can parent help. This won’t usually be wanted during the first few weeks as kids settle in their new routine, but maybe week 3 or 4. You volunteering an hour or two will be much appreciated and your child will be so proud and happy to see you. It might also make you feel better seeing your child interact nicely with others.

7. Don’t Fall Into This Trap

Try hard not to compare your child’s achievements to others. Also, remind them to do the same! Inform your little that there will always be someone ahead of them and someone behind them. And that’s okay! This is great advice for us mums too. You’re doing your best and that’s all that matters.


Do not lose your head about homework. Many teachers hate giving it but are required to do so by their school. Try doing it in the mornings when your child is fresh. Reading a book with them is often enough. Also, don’t get frustrated when they can’t remember easy words such as ‘the’ or ‘me’ – it will come. You just have to be patient!

It’s a nervous time and you or your child is likely to cry at drop off. But over time it gets easier. Just be guided by your teacher, they’ve done this before and are your ally…not your enemy!

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