Best Bloating Supplements

Looking for the best bloating supplements for women? The Healthy Mummy has you covered! Our bloating supplements are made with natural ingredients and are designed to help reduce bloating and improve digestion.
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The best bloating supplements for women on the market

Bloating is often mistaken for stomach fat but it’s often painful or leaves you feeling very uncomfortable.

It occurs when the normal flow of gas (produced in the colon after we eat or drink) is disrupted in some way, often getting trapped and resulting in distention, discomfort and abdominal pain.

But the good news is that there are lots of simple tweaks that can counteract common bloat-inducers while you are living a healthier lifestyle on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. 

There are lots of digestive enzyme supplements on the market that can fix a range of abdominal symptoms, relieving bloating and bowel irregularity, as well as improving your overall gut health. 

We’ve pulled together a list of the best supplements for bloating and products we know that will give you bloating relief.

Best Bloating Supplements

6 common reasons why you could be feeling bloated

  1. Eating the wrong foods
  2. Choosing fizzy drinks instead of water
  3. You’re eating too fast
  4. Not exercising enough
  5. Overeating can give you excess gas and make you feel bloated
  6. You’re on your period

The top 4 bloating tablets on the market right now

These supplements and and tablets will help give you bloating relief and also help support your gut health as well as your overall health and wellness without you having to resort to laxatives! As always people should discuss the recommended dosage and potential side effects with a healthcare professional.


The Healthy Mummy’s BLOAT has formulated to help relieve abdominal bloating and discomfort resulting in a visibly flatter tummy!

BLOAT will help you reduce abdominal bloating and relieve discomfort resulting in a visibly flatter stomach if you are suffering from digestive problems. No more avoiding foods you love.

It contains a carefully selected blend of  Western Herbal Medicine Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Peppermint and Activated Charcoal to reduce digestive issues like bloating, relieve embarrassing flatulence, reduce inflammation and may also help aid indigestion.

And it will help you achieve gut balance by aiding, supporting, promoting and restoring digestive health.

What’s more, BLOAT features Activated Charcoal to help flush out toxins and detox your gut. And it promotes good digestive health the key to healthier looking skin!

Studies show that where there is gut inflammation, there will be skin inflammation.

Having a healthier gut microbiota may have a healthier fatty acid profile in their skin, meaning their skin is more moisturised, hydrated and protected.

2. Tummy Smoothie

There’s no need to take a separate probiotic, as our Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie contains probiotics to help you lose weight, support your gut health and feel fuller for longer!

It’s important to have a healthy gut, as not only does it keep you going to the bathroom regularly but it can help support your immune system.

Best of all, there are a HEAP of delicious smoothie recipes you can make using your Tummy Smoothie.

Whether you use them as a snack, a treat, or a meal replacement, mixing in fresh fruits and veggies means they’re a great way to pack extra nutrients into your diet.

3. Tummy Snack Bars

Skip the guilt and snack with confidence. All of the benefits of our best selling Tummy smoothie, in a low calorie, delicious bar for busy mums on-the-go!

This is no ordinary Snack Bar! Not only is this delicious bar packed with protein to really fill you up, but it’s also full of gut-friendly probiotics that cut down bloating. Plus its just 186 calories!

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. One of them is that it aids in weight loss and decreases bloating.

They contain 120mg of acetic acid per serve, this convenient once-daily tablet is a teeth and taste friendly way to get your daily dose of apple cider vinegar.

Increasing the acidity levels of the stomach is believed to improve the digestive process by assisting the body to break down food during digestion. 

5 foods that cause bloating

If you are suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms then it might be down to the fact that you are eating food containing these things.

1. Gassy foods

Some vegetables produce more gas than others do, such as cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cabbage). Why? They contain sulfur and a carbohydrate called raffinose, both of which are hard for the body to break down. This doesn’t mean you ditch your green entirely, just limit the amount you eat at one time to minimise its effect.

2. Junk foods

Fatty foods, particularly the saturated kind found in pastries, fried foods and processed meats take much longer to digest than carbohydrates or protein. This extra time allows gas to build up, causing bloating.

3. Carbonated drinks

The tingly bubbles contain carbon dioxide, which once ingested, forms pockets of gas within the gut producing wind and belching.

Read how Larina (pictured above) lost 34kgs* by ditching fizzy drinks and fast food here!

4. Artificial sweeteners 

Artificial sweeteners cannot be broken down in the stomach, therefore tend to linger in the gut creating a breading ground for the fermentation of bacteria, leading to production of gas. Common culprits include aspartame, saccharin and sorbitol.

5. Salt

Salt causes your body to retain fluid, contributing to that puffy appearance and extra water weight.

Surprisingly the majority of salt is hidden in processed foods, namely condiments, sauces and salad dressings. As always read the labels.

Foods to eat to help you beat bloating

To help beat the bloat, you should try these foods that may help break down fats and halp with digestive discomfort.


These are packed with vitamin C and K as well as potassium and fibre. Fibre is essential because it helps food pass through your digestive track.


Apples have a high water content which is important if you are feeling bloated, as it helps you stay hydrated and keeps everything moving.


Packed full of bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps reduce bloating, as well as vitamin C and B. Pineapples have been used for centuries to reduce bloating and improve inflammation.


These contain actinidain, an enzyme which helps improve digestion and help yo release your bowels.

Bloating may occur due to a number of reasons including:

  • Overeating
  • Food sensitivities e.g. intolerance or sensitivity to gluten and/or lactose
  • An imbalance between the good and bacteria in your gut
  • Constipation
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Swallowing air, eating too fast, chewing gum

Scientists find TURMERIC could help FIGHT cancer

10 foods to reduce inflammation

1. Turmeric

Golden milk lattes are popping up in even non-hipster cafes, but the real reason that turmeric is so powerful at reducing inflammation is because it contains a substance called curcumin.

Turmeric reduces all sorts of inflammatory states, include those in our digestive tract. So it’s a great addition to reduce bloating.

Did you know that turmeric has been traditionally used for centuries to help with digestion and support healthy gut health.

2. Blackberries

Dark berries like blackberries contain anthocyanins, antioxidants which reduce free radicals and reduce inflammation. They can also help detoxify your body and also reduce bloating.

3. Goji berries

Another food high antioxidants that can reduce pro-inflammatory agents in our bodies.

Try incorporating goji berries into your day with these Healthy Goji Berry Nut Bars!

4. Paw Paw

High in enzymes, paw paw can help beat the bloat by aiding digestion.

5. Pomegranate

Pomegranates supports phase II liver detoxification, which is super important to get toxins out of our bodies, because if they don’t get removed, then they get stored in fat cells.

6. Lemon

Helps our bodies pH levels stay alkaline. The reason why this helps reduce inflammation is because an acidic state promotes lots of inflammatory responses in our body.

7. Brassicas

Broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts and kale are in this list as they are power packed for reducing inflammation.

They help our pH stay alkaline, are totally bursting with antioxidants, and promote liver detoxification.

Try out this Chicken, Cashew and Broccoli Stir Fry for your dose of Brassicas.

8. Celery

Is a diuretic and is alkalising. Munching on a stalk or sipping on a tea made from celery seeds can help reduce bloating and excess fluid.

9. Cinnamon

Is calming on our digestive tract, and helps blood glucose remain balanced.

Yum! Try these Energy boosting coconut, oat and cinnamon bliss balls to get some cinnamon in your day!

10. Ginger

If you are feeling bloated, a tea of ginger can help settle it down, as it is really useful for abdominal colic and dyspepsia.

Add any of the above to our Healthy Mummy smoothies for a nutritious snack or meal on the run!

What is bloating and why does it happen? Check out the symptoms, causes of bloating and some remedies to reduce bloating.

Natural food that helps blast belly fat

According to several leading health experts, these foods are listed among the top 20 natural products to help you reduce belly fat and bloating.

Here are the best foods to help lose belly fat:

1. Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds contain a compound that relaxes GI spasms, allowing gassy cramps to subside and giving you relief from the bloat. You can chew on seeds directly or sip on fennel tea.

Fennel seeds are also meant to be great for controlling bad breath.

2. Cayenne pepper

The capsaicin in cayenne pepper reduces gas and bloating because it increases the flow of digestive enzymes through your intestines.

Try this recipe for Spicy Stuffed Capsicum.

Please note: Avoid using if you have a gastrointestinal ulcer or gastro-oesophageal reflux. Also, be sure to use cayenne pepper in small amounts, as large doses may cause pain and discomfort.

3. Ginger

Ginger contains a digestive enzyme called zingibain, which helps the body break down protein. Ginger is a natural diuretic food. And it also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and works wonders on bloat.

Sipping on ginger tea before, during, or after a meal will help your body to stimulate saliva, bile, and gastric juices that aid in digestion.

Here’s our delicious recipe for Honey, Lemon And Ginger Chicken Stirfry.

4. Melons

Melons are also a natural diuretic and can help to flush excess water and salt from your system as well as act as a natural electrolyte replacement.

Why not add them to your next fruit-inspired smoothie?

5. Bananas

Bananas are a great food to reduce belly fat. They have a high level of potassium, which is a go-to nutrient for belly-flattening! Potassium also helps to regulate your sodium (salt) intake. Win win win!

Here are 10 banana recipes that aren’t banana bread.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar beats the bloat by keeping your gut bacteria healthy. If you are going to take it ensure you buy the version that is raw and unfiltered and has the ‘mother’ in it (a stringy mass of yeast and live bacteria left over from the fermenting process).

While the pasteurised and filtered versions may look more attractive, they’ve lost all their nutrient content.

Numerous studies have also shown that acetic acid (the main component of apple cider vinegar) may be beneficial for weight loss or maintenance.

7. Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is high in fibre and hydrating so it gives your bowels a good kickstart!

A study done by researchers in Pacific Asia found that IBS sufferers who ate two kiwis a day for four weeks had less constipation and overall fewer IBS symptoms than those who didn’t. Add it to your shopping list ladies!

Our Supergreen Smoothie recipe contains kiwi fruit. It is high in vitamin C, so it will keep you energised all day. A perfect addition to a weight loss diet!


8. Lemon

This fruit is one of the most common diuretics and ways to detox and is one of the best belly blasting foods.

Lemon polyphenols (chemical compounds found abundantly in natural plant food sources, high in antioxidants) have been shown to aid in weight loss and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, which can relieve the balloon in your belly.

Adding a slice of lemon to a glass of warm water in the morning is a great way to start your day!

Why water with lemon helps weight loss

9. Pineapple

Pineapples are packed with fibre and have a mild diuretic effect. Try adding a little pineapple to your next HM Smoothie for some added but natural sweetness!

Try our Healthy Pineapple and Chicken fried rice recipe.

10. Green tea

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants as well and it also has some diuretic benefits.

Studies have shown that green tea can reduce inflammation in your digestive tract by keeping your epithelial cells (the cells that make up the outer surface of your organs) healthy.

How green tea helps with weight loss

11. Black seed oil

With their antioxidant properties, black seeds help to break down food and help bowel movement to flush out toxins from your body. This oil also boosts your metabolism, improves digestive health and lowers blood sugar levels.

12. Fish oil

Many studies show that fish oil has benefits for fat loss, specifically belly fat.

High in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil aids the breakdown of fat while simultaneously reducing the amount of visceral fat your body stores and decreasing inflammation.

Try our Capsicum and fish stew

13. Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed, otherwise known as linseed, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Much like fish oil, flax seeds break down visceral fat and reduce inflammation which helps to decrease bloat and the appearance of stomach fat.

14. Water

Water is the most forgotten ingredient to getting a flat tummy!

Keep a two-litre bottle on hand at all times. It flushes out toxins, keeps your appetite in check and is the best and cheapest belly fat burner available.

15. Chia seeds

High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds will help keep blood sugar levels stable and fill you up to hold your cravings at bay.

8 must-try healthy and delicious recipes with Chia Seeds

16. Parsley

Believe it or not, parsley has many health benefits, including reducing the effects of diarrhoea, improving digestion, regulating the menstrual cycle and increasing the rate of urination.

17. Celery

High in fibre and very low in calories, celery is a great diuretic to rid your body of excess water.

Juice them up with carrot and ginger for a revitalising fresh juice that helps reduce belly bloat so you can feel more comfortable.

18. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has a high concentration of iron, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, vitamins C, A and E, B12, B6 and chlorophyll.

These vitamins and minerals provide many therapeutic benefits. Consuming wheatgrass can rid the digestive system of harmful bacteria and cleanse the body of toxins.

It also cleanses the colon and can help in the treatment of joint pain, ulcerative colitis, and skin infections and can even prevent diabetes.

19. Yoghurt

High in good bacteria, the benefits of yoghurt on gastrointestinal health are HUGE.

Yoghurt helps ease gastrointestinal conditions, including lactose intolerance, constipation, IBS, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, Helicobacter pylori infection, and allergies.

25 tasty recipes with yoghurt

20. Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps balance blood sugar levels, lowers bad cholesterol and helps reduces pain and inflammation.

Try our Cinnamon and banana smoothie

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