Breastfeeding pods are now popping up in airports but mums have mixed reviews

Ever found yourself with a hungry baby and nowhere to feed them while out and about?

New breastfeeding pods are popping up across airports to help mums find a private and comfortable spot to nurse their little one.

But not all mums think they are necessary…


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Breastfeeding pods are now available in airports but mums have mixed reviews

The pods are the brainchild of Mamava and have been installed in many U.S. airports, as well as hospitals, concerts and workplaces.

“We created Mamava from a place of experience and empathy,” Mamava CEO Sascha Mayer said in a Q&A with Thrive Global.

“When I was breastfeeding and traveling on business, the only place I could plug in and use my breast pump was a restroom.

“As if it wasn’t hard enough to be away from my baby, making food in a place designed for the exact opposite function was demoralising and undignified. I knew many other moms who were experiencing the same thing and often were forced to stop breastfeeding because it was just too hard for them.”

Breastfeeding pods are now available in airports and mums have mixed reviews!
The purpose of these breastfeeding pods are to help give mums with breastfeeding babies some privacy. Source: iStock

However, while the purpose of these breastfeeding pods are to help give mums with breastfeeding babies some privacy, a recent thread on Mumsnet has revealed how women really feel about them.

“Saw this at Miami Airport. What do we think about locking breastfeeding women in cupboards? I think it is a bit weird and sad,” said one Mumsnet user.

I totally get parent and baby rooms but object to the specific segregation of breastfeeders. Some bottle fed babies might prefer peace and quiet and plenty of breastfeeding mums,” another mum commented.

Another pondered: “Why can’t we just sit in a cafe?”

‘I would have loved a pod like this’

Meanwhile, other mums applauded the idea of a breastfeeding pod.

“I had a baby with a tongue tie and latching problems. Had to get out my whole breast to feed in public and found it excruciating,” said one mum.“I would have loved a pod like this for those early days.”

“Safe, quiet enclosed area to breastfeed in? Yes please,” said another mum.

Another wrote: “Some people prefer to breastfeed in private, whether for religious reasons or just personal preference. As long as those who don’t are not being forced to use it I think it’s great that this is available for those who want space.”

And another added: “Looks like an optional place for those who wish to use it. Some mothers prefer a quiet space where they can feel relaxed (for whatever reason they don’t out in the open).

“Personally, I wouldn’t have used it but am glad it is available to those who would.”

What do you think about these breastfeeding pods? Would you use them?

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