10 Things All Expecting Mums Need To Know About Breastfeeding

Want to know the truth about breastfeeding? Here it is – the lumps, bumps and little surprises all mums who plan on breastfeeding can expect. These, mums-to-be, are little gems that somehow seem to fly under the radar…until now.

10 things know one mentions about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding… Exposed

While most of us go into the breastfeeding experience vaguely knowing what to do (stick bub to boob. How hard can it be?), it’s actually a lot more complex than that. And there are a lot of surprises along the way.

So here are a few more things you may want to prepare for if you are planning on breastfeeding.

1. There is no standard ‘feeding’ time

I was always told that a baby will generally feed for five to seven minutes per breast. My kids didn’t get this memo it would seem. Some breastfeeding sessions will be quick; others will take hours. Oh, and the ones that take hours will most certainly be the ones that you start when you have to pee.

2. A small egg in the breast can turn into a medical nightmare incredibly quickly

One day you feel a bit of lump in your breast. The next day you can feel like you’ve been hit by a bus with aches, pains, fevers and chills. It’s called mastitis and it’s a very common, but a concerning infection of the breast. See your doctor if you do experience these symptoms.

Learn more about mastitis right here. 

3. Your breasts are going to be lopsided for the majority of the day

And you will spend an unnatural amount of time feeling your breasts to see which is heavier and which one bub should be feeding from next. Yep. Feeling yourself up is pretty much an hourly thing from now on.

10 Things All Expecting Mums Need To Know About Breastfeeding

4. Babies sometimes boycott your breasts

Or one of them, which leaves you even more lopsided than usual!

5. Your breasts have the ability to squirt across a room

Especially if you miss a feed. Engorged breasts have more super soaking power than the best squirt gun on the market.

6. Your breasts also have the ability to clear a room!

If you happen to be breastfeeding around people who still believe that breastfeeding should only be done in private, then don’t be surprised if strangers choose to walk away, but not without giving you and bub an evil stare first. Naturally.

7. Any crying infant can trigger leaky breast syndrome

Your baby could be fast asleep at home with your partner while you blissfully do the grocery shopping alone. But one glimpse of a crying infant and suddenly your chest turns into a leaking faucet, ready to feed the nearest hungry baby who latches on.

Mother Breastfeeding

8. Breast milk can be used for EVERYTHING

Okay, not everything. But it can be used for so many other things. It can help clear up bub’s conjunctivitis, acne, eczema and nappy rash. It can be used to alleviate pain from insect bites or stings, ear infections and even warts. Plus, it makes an easy lubricant when you and your partner need it.

9. You start to become addicted to it

The bond you feel cradling your baby, the touches he gives your hand and your chest as he sucks, the smell of his head as he gently falls asleep on your chest – these moments are so amazing that it is easy to crave them (and miss them when bub grows out of it).

10. At the beginning and the end of your breastfeeding journey, you most likely won’t even recognise your boobs

They go through so many changes (from rock solid and covered in veins to freakishly flat and covered in saggy skin), but it’s all part of the fun of being a mum.

Embrace it. Enjoy it. And always carry breast pads!

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written by:

Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna traded in the cold mountain air for the laid back lifestyle of Australia nine years ago. She is now a mum to one son, one daughter, one dog and one cat, all of whom live with her and her partner in Cairns, QLD. When not writing about the ups and downs of parenting, she is usually outside doing some form of physical activity or indulging in a glass of antioxidant-infused fruit drink. Okay, it's wine.