Fake Study Confirms Kids Gazillion Times Worse Behaved Around Mums

There’s been a fake study floating around that confirms children are worse behaved when with their mum. And while the study may be a bit of fun, we think there’s some serious truth to the premise.

We’ve uncovered the reasons children mutate into sniffling-whinging-clinging-versions-of-their-former-selves when in the presence of their mothers.

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Upping The Naughtiness When Mum Comes Home

Does it seem like your kids are worse behaved when they are with you? Turns out, you’re not alone.

A fake study published by Mom News Daily suggests that children are a whooping 1600 per cent worse behaved when their mother is in the room.

Yes, 1600 per cent. The study claims to have analysed 500 children on the measurable criteria of neediness, whininess, screaming, slapping and acting out.

Sure the study was designed for a chuckle, but you must admit it does seem like our kids are always naughtier in our presence. So why is this?

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Kids are Naughty In Your Presence

1. Because You’re Their Comfort Zone

It’s obvious that a child’s behaviour is going to reflect the situation they are in. If a child feels uncomfortable, he is most likely going to shy away and most likely stay quiet.

Most children are reserved (and often polite) when meeting new people and in a new setting.

In a comfortable situation, children tend to feel more at ease to be themselves. And this is often loud and out of control.

And with mum around children are clearly the most comfortable. Kids are free to explore their world, poke their heads out of their shells and let their curious and somewhat crazy natures come out and play.

Fake Study Confirms Kids Are Worse Behaved With Mum Around

2. Because You’re In Their Trust Circle

It’s you that children come to when they need to offload each and every confusing emotion they feel. From anger and fear to joy and sadness, children express these complex emotions best when mum is around to help them through it.

Children will often leave these emotions bundled up until you return, letting it spill out of them. And often these emotions come out in fits of tantrums or in hours of clinginess.

3. Because You’re Their Test Dummy

Children need to have boundaries in place. They need to be able to test these limits. And what better person to test out these boundaries and determine just how far they can push these limits, than on their mum?

So, if you hear your husband state, “I don’t get it – they were great all day with me. And now suddenly they’re cranky,” or if your children turns into the Children of the Corn the moment you pick them up from daycare, take it as a good sign.

It means they are comfortable with you. It means they trust you. It means they are using you to help discover social boundaries. And, most importantly, it means that they love you.

If you’re looking for new ways to deal with your little one’s tantrums, here are 11 secrets to taming toddler tantrums.


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