Couple Hides Pregnancy Then Surprises Family With Their Newborn!

This has to be the ultimate Christmas surprise – nine months in the making. You have to watch this incredible video as a couple who hid their pregnancy AND their baby’s birth finally reveal their ‘little’ secret to their family and friends. It’s a tear-jerker!

ben hannah hinders secret baby

We’ve heard of women not knowing their pregnant until they have their baby, but this mum-to-be actually hid her pregnancy so she could surprise her family. Now that’s dedication.

Couple Hadn’t Seen Family For 10 Months

New dad Ben Hinders explains on the video that the couple’s friends and family don’t know that baby Ivy exists because they hadn’t seen them for 10 months.

Hannah and Ben, who live in Hawaii, then travel to several houses surprising their parents and their siblings with their bundle of joy.

ben hannah hinders secret baby

Of course, there’s plenty of confusion as the baby is revealed, with some asking little Ivy, “where’s your real mum?”, or assuming the baby is adopted.

Then the tears flow as the realisation that this precious little girl is actually a rather massive Christmas surprise. Watch the video, and prepare for all the feels!

So Why Did They Do It?

Ben has been active answering questions in the comments section of the YouTube video.

He said the couple only got ‘a bit of anger’ from hoodwinked family members.

ben hannah hinders secret baby

One video watcher said they’d be upset if a family member did the same thing, particularly if it was a first grandchild.

“Fair enough!” Ben replied. “Honestly, I don’t blame you one bit. Yet, when you live so far away, and they weren’t going to visit anyways,” he says.

“What could they actually have done besides call in, you know?”

ben hannah hinders secret baby

Best Surprise EVER!

When asked why the couple kept such a huge secret, Ben replied, “Well, we live so far away, so it wouldn’t have changed things too much? Perhaps brought even more worry and anxiousness? But trust me, many people have asked the same.

“My wife got the idea to bring the best surprise of all for our families, and bless them. And it worked! But it’s definitely not been all easy or all good. Still, in hindsight we’d do it all over again.”

So what do you think, could you hide your baby from your family for the ultimate surprise reveal?


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