5 healthy tips for breastfeeding mums

When we are breastfeeding, the main point to remember is that we are nourishing our babies, which is a gift.

Often though during this time, many mums start to think about how they can lose some of their pregnancy weight. Which is fine, as long as it is done gradually and mindfully, like with our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Here are 5 basic steps to take if you are thinking about losing some of your pregnancy weight while breastfeeding.


5 tips for breastfeeding mums

1. Increase your fibre intake

double fruit and veg

Fibre is important for many health reasons, be it heart health, digestive health and also if you are trying to lose weight.

The reason why fibre is helpful when aiming to lose weight is that is firstly helps you feel fuller for longer.

The second reason behind the assistance of fibre in weight loss is its benefit to your digestive health and regularity of bowel movements. Fibre attracts water which helps keep your bowel movements regular.

When we are breastfeeding our digestive tract slows down to absorb a great amount of nutrition from our food. The slower rate of digestion also means that more water is absorbed. This is why we need to ‘attract’ some of this water back with some fibre.

Breastfeeding women should be aiming for 9 serves of wholegrain cereals each day and 7.5 serves of vegetables.

2. Exercise for rest and enjoyment

Clingy Baby exercises

When you have just had your baby and are breastfeeding, your body has undergone a huge transformation and is not ready aerobically or muscularly to undertake strenuous exercise.

The best way to exercise at the beginning, is for some fresh air and for enjoyment. 20-30 minutes a day of walking with a friend having a chat, playing with your kids in the park or even doing some light yoga and stretching.

You should be enjoying it and feeling great after. There is no term of no pain no gain during this sensitive period post birth.

3. Rest

Although a new baby does not quite equal a restful period, when you can, rest, relax and sleep as much as possible. The reason why this is important from a weight loss perspective is if you are rested, you are less likely to grab high sugar or caffeinated foods or drinks when you are feeling tired or hungry.

The more rested as well, the better your choices will be and the greater the outcome in the long run.

4. Prepare snacks

Jessica sugar free snacks food prep

As per tip three, when you are tired you are likely to make poorer choices regarding food and drinks. If you have prepared snacks in the fridge, cupboard, car, handbag and baby bag, when you are hungry, peckish or feel like something to drink or eat, you are more likely to make a better choice.

Prepare them each week or the night before, just like you would a child’s lunch box.

5. Choose snacks with some protein

Like fibre, protein has been found to assist with keeping us feeling satisfied for longer. Instead of choosing high sugar and high releasing sugar foods, choose foods which are high in protein.

Some ideas include:

  • A handful of nuts
  • Yoghurt with some berries and seeds
  • Apple and some peanut butter
  • Hummus dip with veggies

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