Leonardo Dicaprio Wins Hearts By Holding Babies

We know Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t a father (yet), but we couldn’t go past this photo of him holding his friends babies, without sharing it with you all. He looks like a natural, he can hold my babies anytime.

Fan Repost’s Adorable Photo

It looks like Leo spent Christmas Day with good friends, Dash Mihok, and wife, Valeria Mason, and their two kids. The above photo was first posted by Dash’s wife, but was quickly removed.

Obviously not before it was reposted by a Leo fan account. And thank goodness for that, it’s too adorable to remove for good.

Leo For The Win

Dash and Leo starred in the iconic Baz Luhrmann film Romeo and Juliet together. Dash congratulates his friend of 20 years, for FINALLY winning a well-deserved Oscar in February this year.

I think we were all bursting with pride when Dicaprio won his Oscar, after being nominated 6 times.

We’re hoping in the near future, he’ll post about having his own babies.

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