Mum Uses Yoga To Beautifully Bond With Her Children

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Summer Perez began yoga in 2013 to help with her depression and panic attacks. What started out as a ‘natural medication,’ soon turned into beautiful bonding moments with her kids.

Living life as a single mom the past 7 months has given me a deeper appreciation for all the single moms who have done it since Day 1. And it has given me a deeper appreciation for the many times my own mother had been through this with 4 young kids in tow. There have been many nights where we break down and cry that we miss daddy, and there was a lot of that this past weekend being it was our anniversary. And though we try to keep life as normal as possible for the kids, nothing can replace their loving father being present their daily lives beyond a phone call. If it wasn’t for my yoga and meditation practice, I probably would have broken down into a deep depression throughout this whole ordeal. (Though I’ll admit, there have been times of darkness that I had to face and work through, and I have anxiety attacks from time to time when I don’t ground myself in the present and get into the “wtf am I going to do… what if…why in the world.. “) If it wasn’t for my mom being here to help me, I don’t know how I would have ever been able to go to work to support my family and parents. So much gratitude for the help I’ve received and the listening ears from soul sisters. We are counting down the days until we are reunited once again, though when, we aren’t sure yet. I salute you ladies who do this on your own and those who have done this on your own in the past, even if for a short time. You are so strong! Keep an open heart and know you are never alone. xoxo ❤ Day 3 of #ConsciousKids was backbend of choice. (We are playing catch up, and you can too! It’s not too late to join in) Tag the hosts and sponsors in the caption so we can check out your images! Hosts: @coffeeandrainbows @thegivingmom @ladiboomyogini @summerperez @jo_mamma Sponsored by: @buddha_pants @grizzyloves @consciousinkkids @chocolate_milke ❤ Leggings by: @chocolate_milke Temporary tattoos by: @consciousinkkids Tops: @grizzyloves All-in-one meditation cushion/ blanket/ mat by @chakyalife (discount when you use ‘summerperez’ at checkout)

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How Yoga And Meditation Helped This Mama

A mum by day and a cocktail waitress by night, Summer explains in her Instagram posts how yoga and meditation helped her deal with some of the darker times in her life. Becoming a single Mum 7 months ago, Summer used yoga and meditation to help calm her in moments of stress, which in turn, became a bonding experience with her children.

With her children watching her practice her poses from day 1, they soon started practicing themselves and they look like little naturals.

Mini Yogi’s

With her mini yogi’s in tow and their matching active wear, Summer creates AMAZING pictures and poses.

Seeing the amazing impact yoga has on herself and her own children, Summer wants to complete her yogi training so she can help others. Especially Mums struggling to find peace in a crazy life. She says “It has helped me with my insecurities, anxiety and depression,” she adds. “It has helped me through rough times and continues to guide me through this difficult time in my life.

“I want to be able to share this with others and help them find a light through the darkness, find hope, connect with their inner most being and be strong from the inside out.”

Prior to children, Summer relied on negative ways to mask  her emotional struggles. She says “Now that I had kids, I couldn’t do that, I needed to face [my depression] rather than mask it. I did not want my kids to go through what I’ve been through.”

What a beautiful way to bond with your children. Why not attempt some poses with your tots later today.

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