Update: Paid Parental Leave Changes Unlikely To Start On January 1

It’s looking less likely that proposed changes to the Paid Parental Leave scheme will start in just nine weeks.

pregnant mum reading to daughter

The federal government has touted a putting the changes into effect from the start of the new year, meaning women who are currently pregnant could miss out on government benefits.

Changes would end ‘double dipping’

The changes would tighten access to PPL, so that parents who are entitled to paid leave from their employer, wouldn’t receive the taxpayer-funded PPL. However, crossbench Senator Nick Xenophon said today that his team wouldn’t support the start date.

“I do believe, and I’ve discussed this with my colleagues, that having any such scheme as proposed by the government to start on January 1 would be manifestly unfair for any woman that is pregnant,” Mr Xenophon said.

Negotiations set to continue

With Labor and the Greens set to vote against the changes, the senators will play a crucial role in the cuts getting through.

“I know that another potential start date is October 1. There is a lot of negotiation to do with (Social Services Minister) Mr (Christian) Porter and with (Treasurer) Mr (Scott) Morrison in relation to that,” continued Mr Xenophon.

The changes to the scheme could see up to 80,000 Australian mums lose up to $12,000 in entitlements.

Make sure you take a look at how Australia’s parental leave scheme measures up against the rest of the world.


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