Putting your child to bed before this time ensures they will be happier and healthier, claims study

We all know just how demanding it can be when our child needs to go to bed. Being overtired can make the most angelic of babies turn into to a little demon.

And while its not always easy to get your child to bed early all of the time – you don’t want to be that parent, you know the one who herds her kids away from a social event “because it’s bedtime” – research is consistently suggesting that putting your kids to bed earlier is beneficial for their physical and emotional health.

In fact, around 30% of kids under the age of 11 get less sleep each night than is recommended, the National Sleep Foundation found. So what is the ideal time?

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Putting your child to bed earlier will help them be healthier and happier

A study by Growing Up in Australia monitored thousands of families from 2004 every two years.

Researchers observed 5,000 children between the ages of 0 and 12 months old, then a second group of 5,000 children between the aged of four and five years old.

They found that children who had earlier bedtimes had a healthier quality of life. What’s more, their mums were also mentally and physically healthier.

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The National Sleep Foundation found that children need a lot of sleep every night:

Newborns (0-3 months) are recommended to have 14 to 17 hours, with no less than 11 hours.

Infants (4 – 11 months) are recommended to have 12 to 15 hours, with no less than 10 hours.

Toddlers (1 – 2 years) are recommended to have 11 to 14 hours, with no less than 9 hours.

Preschoolers (3 – 5 years) are recommended to have 10 to 13 hours, with no less than 8 hours.

School-aged children (6 – 13 years) are recommended to have 9 to 11 hours, with no less than 7 hours.

Teenagers (14 – 17 years) are recommended to have 7 to 9 hours, with no less than 7 hours.

Here’s how to establish healthy bedtimes in your household

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