AMAZING!!! How this mum has lost 60kg and six dress sizes!

WOW! Samantha Lozano, who is based in Sydney, has lost 60kg by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge! Here's how she did it.
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WOW! Samantha Lozano, who is based in Sydney, has lost 60kg by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!
The mum-of-five has gone from 126kg down to 66kg and has dropped six dress sizes.
“Physically, I haven’t felt this good since my 20s. I have energy, self esteem, self confidence. Mentally, I’ve never felt this clear headed,” she says.
AMAZING!!! How this mum has lost 60kg!

In fact, Samantha says she never believed exercise would be good for her mental health, but now she’s seeing the benefits.
“I love exercising now, not just to make my body strong to strengthen my mind as well. I have also learnt about food and I am now not scared to eat or ever feel guilty,” she says.

To start with, Samantha reveals she kept a food diary of everything she ate and drank for the first two weeks to see what her pattens were.

“I get up before everyone anyway usual an hour before everyone else in the house so I’ll go for a run and I can usually fit in a workout as well,” she says. “I meal prep for the whole family.”

What a typical day looks like for Samantha

Breakfast: Coffee and a Healthy Mummy Tummy smoothie

Lunch: A smoothie with Protein Powder

Snacks: Snacks can range from Weet-Bix slice, yogurt, crackers and ham and cheese, pretzels and dark chocolate.

Dinner: Chicken or roast beef with salad or steamed veg. One Pot Lasagne, Butter Chicken and Honey Soy Chicken.

Workouts: I’m really liking the pilates and boxing workouts. I do a different one each morning to mix it up because I get bored easily.

Top meal prep tips:

1. Have a clean kitchen and a well stocked pantry.
2. Check your pantry before you go shopping, you will be surprised with what you already have.
3. Ask your family to help plan your meal plan that way everyone eats healthy and you are not cooking heaps of different meals.
4. Double up on ingredients, try and use recipes that use similar ingredients in them then buy bulk this can be a easy way to save money.
5. Go through your pantry and freezer once a month and bring older things to the front to be used

Samantha’s top tips for working mums

  • Buy an actual book diary The Healthy Mummy one is good! (Grab your copy here)
  • Get a white board you can put on your fridge or wall in your kitchen these two items will help you actually plan your week and see clearly where you are at any time.

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Our Challenge entails: 

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