Screen time isn’t bad for babies – as long as they’ve got a friend, claims experts

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Feeling guilty for letting your little one play on the iPad or in front of the TV screen?

Well, experts say you shouldn’t feel that way, as a new study says screen time for babies isn’t such a bad thing, as long as they have a buddy.

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Screen time isn’t bad for babies

According to a new study conducted by the University of Washington, having a friend while enjoying some screen time not only helps us by showing us how to do things, it also gives us more motivation for learning.

31 nine-month-old babies were divided into two groups. The first watched a video on their own while the other was paired with another baby.

The babies were shown a foreign-language learning video, which they were able to control via a touch screen. Every time they touched the screen it started a clip of a speaker talking about toys.

babies laptop
Source: Unsplash

Researchers found that those who watched the video with a buddy had better results as they ‘chatted’ more and demonstrated more “mature brain processing of speech”, reveals the study authors.

“What this study introduces for the first time is that part of the reason we learn better when we learn collaboratively is that a social partner increases arousal, and arousal in turn increases learning,” says lead author Patricia Kuhl of the University of Washington.

“The present results support previous findings highlighting the importance of social interaction for children’s learning, especially for learning from screen media.”

Good to know. Two babies together seem to have a better grasp to infant language learning via a screen.

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