Students in NSW to return to school one day a week in May

School students may soon be heading back to their classrooms, the NSW Government has announced.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has revealed that from May 11 students will be allowed back into the school campus for one day a week, if the coronavirus curve continues to flatten.

Students in NSW to return to school one day a week in May

Students will soon be returning to school soon, reveals NSW Government

Term two begins on Monday, April 27, for the majority of public and private schools in the state. However, pupils will be expected to homeschool remotely for two weeks before they return to their classrooms.

Ms Berejiklian suggests that students may then be able to return two days a week, but that would be reviewed at the end of week three.

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“Initially it will just be a day a week, then progressively two days, and then we hope by the end of term two we’ll be in a position to have students going back to school in a full-time capacity by term three,” she said.

All children will complete the same school work whether they are at home or on campus. It’s hoped that by term three, all students will be back at school full-time.

NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell stresses it’s up to each school how they implement the staggered return.

“We want them to make sure they are having about a quarter of students [from each grade] on campus each day,” she said.

“But how they break that group up will be a matter for them.”

Students in NSW to return to school one day a week in May

Pupils will have their temperature tested at school

In light of this return, schools will be expected to practice temperature testing and extra cleaning in the classrooms in a bid to slow down any risk of COVID-19 transmissions.

Students in NSW to return to school one day a week in May

Meanwhile, schools in Queensland have reopened this week but only for the children of essential workers and vulnerable children or those who do not have the technology to complete distance learning.

All other pupils are being encouraged to continue to study from home on an ongoing basis.

In Victoria, schools are open for those who need it but students will not be allowed back until at least the end of term two.

“If we were continuing to see very stable numbers … then of course we would always reserve the right to look at those restrictions,” says Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews.

“Our settings are absolutely consistent with what every government in the country wants to see happen – stay at home, learn from home if you can.

“If however circumstances mean that you can’t, school will be open for you, and the curriculum, the method of learning, will be identical.”

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