10 things only a mum who has been induced would know

Labour doesn’t always come on ‘naturally’ and women often find themselves having to be induced. Inductions may be needed for many reasons like having pre-eclampsia, passing your due date or not being able to regulate your contractions.

Inductions can be both a blessing (because who wants to be pregnant forever?), and a challenge.

things about being induced

Earlier this week we asked the mums in our  ‘New Mums Facebook Community‘ page if they’d had any experiences with being induced and this is that they said:

10 things only mums who have been induced would know…

1. Unpredictable

5 time Mother, Patricia, says that 3 out of her 5 labours were induced. These labours were the hardest on her body and mental state as once the induction begins, your body has no time to adjust to the changes. Patricia says you feel far less in control of what is happening to you when you’ve been induced.

2. Limited movement

Once induction begins, you will be hooked up to the Pitocin drip. You will also have a foetal monitor strapped to your stomach to monitor your babies heart rate and movement. Being connected makes it more difficult to move freely.

3. Close monitoring

A midwife will now be in the room at all times keeping watch on all the statistics. Whilst they are mostly very good at blending in to the background, some people feel like they have an audience and lose their privacy.

4. Doesn’t always work

Aniek warns that your body may not respond to induction. After three days of attempting to induce her labour her cervix was still not dilating so they decided to birth baby with a caesarian.

5. You have a choice

This is still your labour, you can make requests. Ashleigh says that she requested to wait after breaking her waters before starting the drip, as she wanted to see if her body would move things along itself. For her, she was successful!

6. Strip off

J Charlie speaks of having trouble after the drip was connected with her long sleeve top. Once that drip is connected its very difficult to remove clothing. Strip off in preparation for full labour.

7. Doesn’t always end in vaginal birth

Just like any birth, be prepared for things to change. You may end up needing to have a caesarian even after hours of labouring. Remember that this is a life saving operation, it is okay.

8. Intense contractions

Many mothers talk of how the contractions caused from the drip are intense. Once the drip is connected, full labour generally begins straight away without any lead up. Once one contraction finishes, the next is beginning.

9. Labour can reverse

Once the labour is established it is not uncommon to back the drip off. Some mothers have reported that their bodies did not continue the process on its own. Their contractions become unregulated and further apart.

10. Drink lots of water

Before your labour be sure to drink plenty of water. The more hydrated you are, the easier your veins are to access.

At the end of your birth, be it induced or not, you will have your new son or daughter. And that is worth every second!

But in the meantime, I just know you are going to be googling natural ways to induce labour.

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