The Power And Destruction Of Photoshop – 13 Celebrity Photoshops

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Photoshop, it’s everywhere. Magazine publications use them to ‘beautify’ their subject while making them look like someone else entirely, sometimes not even human. If you ever compare yourself to these unrealistic standards, you’ll never be happy because you’ll never achieve them.

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How are we supposed to feel good about ourselves if what we are subjected to, is far from real? Celebrity photos go through rigorous photoshop, they hardly recognize themselves.

13 Celebrities Who Have Been Photoshopped

1. Madonna

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Madonna is 58. FIFTY – EIGHT!! Wrinkles are normal for a woman her age. And believe it or not, she does have them. Look at her before photo, a beautiful, mature woman with wisdom and knowledge. A face that tells a story of her life. All gone with a few clicks of a mouse.

2. Lindsay Lohan

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During Lindsay Lohan’s party days, publications weren’t happy with her aging appearance and would often photoshop her to such an extreme, she would like a porcelain doll. Lohan also photoshops her own photos for Instagram. She doesn’t need to! She is 30, has turned her life around and looks AMAZING!!

3. Kim Cattrall

Kim CattrallImage source:

The Sex And The City actress looks amazing in her before photo. This before and after shot looks more like her now and a throwback photo of her in the 70’s. They’ve even changed the shape of her face. Why, I’m not sure. She looks as beautiful as ever.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieImage source:

Labelled the most beautiful woman in the world, Ange also falls victim to photoshop. Smoothing over her already beautiful face, photoshop changes her look in an unrealistic way. No one’s skin looks like that. Even Jolie looks completely normal (and gorgeous) without the photoshop.

5. Penelope Cruz

Penelope CruzImage source:

Once again, a beautiful woman tragically changed by a computer. If you notice her hairline, it too is altered by photoshop. Her HAIR isn’t even good enough for magazines. What message are we getting across if hairlines need changing? Penelope Cruz is a gorgeous woman, hairline and all!

6. Miley Cyrus

Miley CyrusImage source:

MILEY IS 23! Who needs their face altered when they’re 23? She was born in the 90’s. There is no good reason for this young, vibrant, talented girl to be photoshopped. Why would they need to smooth over a 23 year old’s face? It’s already smooth. I cannot understand why this needs to be done. It needs to stop. #stopphotoshop

7. Beyonce

BeyonceImage source:

Even Beyonce looks completely normal, with normal skin and normal lines on her face. Queen B does not have the perfectly smooth face you see all over magazine covers. Believe it or not, she is completely normal (but with a tonne of money.) When I first saw this photo, I thought ‘wow, Beyonce looks old‘, but old compared to what? To how I see her in every publication? She doesn’t look old, she looks normal, how a normal 35 year old looks (but again, with a tonne of money.)

8. Cindy Crawford

Cindy CrawfordImage source:

This supermodel looks like she has a completely normal, I-carried-2-kids-in-this-body body. Her stomach isn’t smooth and flat, it’s a normal looking belly, with loose skin and folds. She still looks stunning and we love her even more in her before photo.

9. Katy Perry

Katy PerryImage source:

Katy Perry has fallen victim to photoshop a number of times. This photo being the most popular. Her before photo is completely normal and natural and she looks amazing!! They changed her size, the perkiness of her boobs, her complexion. It’s just not right, she is a beautiful woman and we should be celebrating her natural beauty!

10. Jennifer Lawrence

jennnifer LawerenceImage source:

Jennifer Lawrence has openly said that she hates when her body is photoshopped. This girl loves her body and has confidence in herself and that should be celebrated, not taken away by altering her already gorgeous body. With an unrealistic waist, Jen looks 2 sizes smaller than her already small frame.

11. Fergie

FergieImage source:

Fergie is known for the copious amounts of plastic surgery to her face. She’s already taken decades off her real age. So, then why do magazines need to take off even more? Changing her complexion and smoothing over any TINY wrinkles she had left, she doesn’t look like herself. This Milf$ singer doesn’t even look old enough to have a child in her after photo.

12. Justin Bieber

justin BeiberImage source:

It’s not only women who ‘need’ to be perfect, even guys are altered by photoshop. Justin Bieber admitted to working extra hard to get into shape for this Calvin Klein ad. Apparently it wasn’t good enough for some, as he was digitally enhanced to appear bigger everywhere (and we mean everywhere.)

13. Britney Spears

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Pop Princess Britney Spears has gone through some drastic changes over her time in the spotlight. Suffering a public meltdown in 2007, she shaved her head and went out of the public eye for a while. Now she’s back and better than ever. So why do they feel the need to alter a fit and healthy looking body into something unrealistic?

If these are the standards women are supposed to live up to, I’m sorry but I don’t feel like following society anymore. Let’s break the stigma of what we should look like and show what normal actually looks like!

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