13 things you probably didn’t expect in your first trimester

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You’re aware of morning sickness, hormonal changes and you’re prepared for an increased sense of smell, but some things you only discover once you’re in the throes of your first trimester of pregnancy.

1. You will experience an unnatural fondness for a urine-soaked stick.

positive pregnancy test

When your pee onto a stick and it shows positive – well, it sure beats your regular morning pee! And you will probably keep your positive pee stick for at least a few days (or years).

2. You will transform into a ravenous hippo in the blink of an eye.

When a craving hits, it hits hard. And if you don’t get something to eat quickly, then that hunger can turn to nausea and a hatred for food (and people) in general.

3. You will also lose all control of your emotions.

Picked up the wrong shampoo at the shops? Burned the chicken slightly? Saw a kitten on the road? Yep. All perfectly valid reasons to cry when you’re pregnant.

Just accept the fact that crying is now part of your daily routine.

4. Your knowledge of fruit and veg will grow substantially.

From this day forward, your baby bump will start to be compared to produce. And this will continue for the rest of your pregnancy. At three months bub is the size of a lemon, at four months, a mango, at seven months, a pineapple.

5. Your breasts will transform into bulbous balloons before your very eyes.

Woman with big boobs measuring her bust

Hello pregnant breasts. Welcome to my chest. Please make yourself comfortable and let me bask in your pure voluminousness for the next nine months. After that, well, it’s all downhill for your breast friends.

6. You will experience bloating like you’ve never imagined.

Five weeks pregnant but feel like you look about five months along? That’s pregnancy bloating for you. Pick up a pair of elastic stretch pants and a baggy singlet and hope for the best.

7. Your skin will turn incredibly dry.

Like shedding a whole new layer of skin dry. It was one of the strangest symptoms of early pregnancy for me but luckily disappeared completely by the second trimester.

8. Going to bed the moment you arrive home from work will become the norm.

Hiding the early stages of pregnancy and growing an infant are hard work. Prepare to be absolutely exhausted.

9. You will discover the pure joy that is cold foods.

Hydrating Blended Juice For Pregnant Mamas

Smoothies, iced lemon water, even ice blocks – they are lifesavers for overcoming nausea. Try this Hydrating Blended Juice (pictured above) recipe to help!

10. You will discover how annoying being the designated driver is.

And, by the end of the first trimester, you will probably also know at least five new excuses why you are, once again, not drinking.

11. You will also discover the pure hell that is anxiety.

Especially if you, like one in four women, have experienced a miscarriage in the past. Those first few weeks while you wait to have your first scan can be hard and filled with fear and worry.

It’s perfectly normal to be concerned but try not to let the stress overwhelm you. Easier said than done, I know.

12. You will almost pee your pants.

When? During that first dating scan. Because you have to drink a mountain of water before going in. And then you have to wait in the waiting room for what seems like hours.

During this time your mind goes back and forth from eagerly wanting to see your little one on the screen to praying that you won’t wet your pants.

13. You will frame a picture of your ovaries and uterus (and probably your cervix too).

first trimester

And, it might even make it to your Facebook wall as part of your pregnancy announcement. Because nothing announces new life quite like a picture of your baby-making organs.

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