17 stupid things that couples bicker about every day

Living with someone can be hard work, but add a baby, a toddler and some pets to the mix and life can get chaotic; it’s no wonder couples bicker over stupid things.

But it’s probably wiser to have your say throughout the day instead of bottling it all in and blowing a head gasket when you’re completely fed-up about something that does your head in.

So with out further ado, here are 17 stupid things that couples bicker about every day:

Have you had a bicker about any of these today?

1. Who gets to watch their favourite show on the TV once the kids are in bed.

2. That the inside rubbish and recycling bins are overflowing and need to be taken outside and emptied.

3. That the children’s clothes from the day were all just dumped in the washing pile even if they weren’t dirty.

4. Who ate all the ice-cream or the chocolate that was being saved for the upcoming birthday party.

5. The fact the toothpaste is pushed up from the middle of the tube not the bottom.

6. Competing over who has had the worst day.

7. How much time is spent scrolling through a phone, while on the TOILET!

17 Stupid Things That Couples Bicker About Every Day

8. Competing over who is the most tired.

9. That someone left just a dribble of milk in the container and didn’t write it on ‘the list’.

10. Deciding whose turn it is to change a nappy.

11. Why there are dirty dishes on the bench when the dishwasher is empty.

12. That dirty clothes and wet towels litter the bathroom floor.

13. Dirty shoes being worn on a freshly-mopped floor.

14. That a glass that had been purposely left on the bench so that it can be reused had been put in the dishwasher.

15. That someone has to be asked to help and doesn’t offer.

16. That too much noise is being made just after the children have been put to bed.

17. Who has to do the dishes, unload the dishwasher and/or hang the washing out.

Come on, fess up. How many of these things have you and your partner had a bicker about?


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written by:

Emily Toxward

When former journalist Emily Toxward isn’t wrangling her three kids she’s juggling the demands writing and failing fabulously at being a domestic goddess. A published writer for nearly 20 years, Emily left full-time work in 2008 to have children and write from home. Always on the go, she spends her days negotiating with an army of little people she created and visits her local Gold Coast beaches for a little sanity.