19 Things Only Fitbit Wearers Will Understand

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You sleep with it, you look at it all day and quite frankly you are totally obsessed with it. No we’re not talking about your baby, we’re referring to your ‘other’ baby – your Fitbit.

This nifty device has revolutionised the way we live. The odds are high that you, or someone you know, is obsessed with the Fitbit and all that it can do. It’s okay we get it, we’re a little bit in love with it too, especially following when following our Healthy Mummy 28 day weight loss challenge.

19 things only Fitbit wearers will understand

1. You have marched around the lounge at 10pm just to get your required amount of steps done.

2. It’s the first thing you look for when you meet someone for the first time and you secretly love that yours is better than theirs.

Things Only Fitbit Wearers Will Understand
. When you burn more than 4,000 calories a day you feel like a rock star.

4. You have a tan mark from your Fitbit and you tell everyone who gives you even the slightest bit of attention that’s what it is.

5. If you forget to put your Fitbit on, perish the thought, you actually wonder if there’s any point in exercising?

6. Your kids have been late to school because you needed to charge your device so the steps you do during drop-off are counted.

7. Not an hour goes by where you don’t check your heart rate, steps and calories burned.

8. You love asking how many steps other people have taken and then revealing you have SMASHED their tally.

9. It’s beyond you how anyone would want to live, let alone exercise without a Fitbit.

10. You set alarms to remind yourself to do your pelvic floors, but you never do them.

11. You seriously have to weigh up if it’s worth going for a swim or standup paddle board because you can’t wear your Fitbit!


12. There may have been tears when you realise your Fitbit has been dead all day and none of your hard work has been recorded.

13. You feel the need to justify why you have only done 5,000 steps for the day.

14. You get a little bit obsessed with challenges and work your butt off to beat your friends, but do so secretly.

15. You check your dashboard 65 times a day and get very impatient when it takes a few seconds for your phone to sync with your Fitbit.

16. It drives you insane when you’ve run somewhere but your Fitbit records your exercise as a walk – HOW RUDE!

17. When you’ve had 0 active minutes in a day you give yourself a stern talking to and promise to try better the next today.

18. If you have 9 of 9 hours where you take more than 250+ it’s like you’ve won the lottery!

19. You’re more excited about the fact that your dashboard is all green than you are that you’re child has uttered their first word.

Bonus: You are miffed that ‘action’ isn’t counted as active minutes!

To check out the entire Fitbit range or to learn more about how you can utilise your phone app, visit the Fitbit website.

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