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Alysha’s Weight Loss Story

Hey Healthy Mummy team, I thought I would send in my weight loss story after losing weight on the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and plans

I’m 23 and my baby is just about 4 months old, and in pregnancy I put on 20kg, which was because of all the bad food cravings I had. I managed to lose 8kg of it after having my little boy but still had 12kg left to lose.

Alysha's Weight Loss Story

6 weeks after I had my baby I felt ready to lose the weight and I decided to take control and start the The Healthy Mummy smoothie program.

Since I began I am delighted to say that I have lost all of my pregnancy weight gain and I have gone down 2 dress sizes!I feel so much better, I have more energy, more confidence & can chase after my 21 month old son & fully breastfeed my 4 month old.

I love that the healthy mummy smoothies are breastfeeding friendly & there are many smoothie recipes on the site to try- so I am never bored!

Thank you so much, you have made me a happier, healthier mummy who, with your help – has successfully lost ALL OF HER BABY WEIGHT 🙂 Alysha Rainbird

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