Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem By Saying These 5 Things

It is so important that children have a healthy self-esteem.

If your child has good self-esteem he or she is more likely to be confident, optimistic and happy. Having good self-esteem will also encourage your child to try new things, solve problems and make new friends. What you say to your children (and of course how you say it) can really help boost their self-esteem.

Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

5 things that you can say to your child to help boost their self-esteem.

1.“Well Done”

Praise and encouragement is important. The thing is, it shouldn’t be limited to your son’s good school report or your daughters latest win in netball.  Praise and encouragement should also be given to children who are making an effort to change their behaviour for the better and to those wanting to try new things (such as the green veggies on the dinner plate). This will help your child to feel good about themselves and their decisions.

2.“I Am Listening”

Before pointing fingers and playing the blame game, give your child a moment to explain their actions to you. When you listen to your child, you are telling them that what they have to say is important to you. As a parent, this will not only make you seem more approachable and understanding, but shows your child they are valued.

3. “I Am Always Here For You”

Always remind your little one that you are there for them no matter what. With all the nagging and strict bed time routines, sometimes kids can forget that Mum is actually on their side. By reassuring them that you have got their back, you enable them to feel supported.

4.“Perhaps, Try It This Way”

Healthy self-esteem means that your child is able to make mistakes and learn from them. After all, mistakes and failure are a part of learning and life. You can help your munchkins grow from their mistakes by offering them constructive yet encouraging feedback. However, it is important that your feedback is never personal. For instance replace the phrase “you are so silly” with, “next time, why don’t you try it this way.”

5. “I Love You”

At the end of day, we ALL want to feel and be loved. When we feel loved, we feel appreciated and special.  This is the same for kiddies. No matter how frustrated you get with the mess, incomplete homework and whining – It is important that the end of everyday you remind them just how much you love them.

Give these sayings a go and hopefully you notice a difference in your child’s self-esteem.

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