How to fit exercise into your work day

Many of the healthy mummies on this site are working parents too. For me, working and studying from home has its advantages from a exercise plan point of view.

how to reach 10,000 steps a day

Of course when you are at work, this is a little different. And I have been there, a working parent, at an international food company, so I appreciate how difficult it can be to fit an exercise plan or program around work and family responsibilities.

So I wanted to share with you some ways in which you can achieve a little movement in your day. I promise you, you will feel better for it.

Walk to work.

Of course it is not possible for all, but if you can manage a full walk, or even a train stop before work, or even park your car down the road walk, you will get a bit of extra mileage in your day. Wear your sneakers so that they are there with you for the rest of the day.

Take a walking meeting.

Next time you have a one on one meeting, why don’t you suggest that it is a walking one. The meeting may be for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour. Think how much exercise you will get. Plus when you get walking and your blood pumping, some super ideas may pop into mind and your boss will love you for it. We would often have walking meetings with 1,2 and sometimes 3 people at my last work.

Lunch time exercise

Now that you have walked to work or had a walking meeting your sneakers are already there to have a walking lunch. This doesn’t mean walking and eating, but if you have the liberty of taking an hour lunch break, use it wisely. Don’t check facebook (although quickly log into the Healthy Mummy for some health tips) but go for a 20 minute walk, come back in and have your lunch.

Take the stairs

Now I have to preface this, check if there is a fire alarm when you open the door. I managed to set the fire alarm off in our building and the whole 5 storey work site had to exit the building. But if the stairs are safe (i.e. no alarms), get-a-walking to your colleague’s office rather than taking the elevator. Or if there is only one set of stairs, use them to go to a different bathroom or randomly get up during the day for some stair action.

Can’t think, problem solving is not actually solving…get up a move around and pump some blood around the body and to your brain. You can try some of these little tricks to give you inspiration. Don’t worry about the looks you may get…you are the one that will be healthier for it.

Use a pedometer

This is a perfect way to see how active you are during the day. I know for myself, if I was in front of the desk all day I would only rack up about 2500 steps a day. The aim is for 10 000 steps. By wearing the pedometer, you will feel competitive with yourself to get the steps higher and higher.

For some professional examples of exercise have a look at the 28 diet and exercise plan. It is perfect for new mums, or people who have not exercised for a period of time. And get moving, you will feel great for it.