Lying down to help your kids fall asleep does NOT create bad habits, say experts

Helping your child to fall asleep every night is a topic that’s hotly debated among experts and parents.

Some say that lying down with your kids will ‘deter’ their sense of independence, as your little ones aren’t ‘learning’ how to fall asleep on their own.

While others believe this way of helping your child drift off is ‘natural’ and helps forge a closer bond. After all, it’s mainly in western society that parents and kids sleep separately.

However, a new study has highlighted there are MANY positive outcomes for lying down with your child as they fall asleep…

Lying down to help your kids fall asleep does NOT create bad habits, say experts

Why it’s a good thing to lay down with your kid to help them fall asleep

According to the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, one of three common sleep problems in young kids is the need for help falling, and staying, asleep.

And this is why many parents lie down with their kids in order to help them get some shut eye. This is known as ‘sleep-onset association’.

Your child most likely wants you with them as they nod off as they feel scared and you being there helps soothe them.

In fact, you’re not becoming their crutch or not teaching them how to self-soothe, say experts.

How To Get Your Kids To Sleep

Healthy attachments at bedtime are good for your child

Research shows healthy attachments like this at bedtime is not harmful to your child

A study published in the Korean Journal of Pediatrics, sensitive and responsive parenting helps your kid become more confident, more independent, more stable and more secure. 

What’s more, Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, says there’s evidence that attachment parenting actually sets kids up for success as adults.

“When you separate the popular exaggerations of AP from the more objectively oriented scientific studies, it’s a sensible approach that fosters physical and psychological health in children,” she told

“Another important psychological benefit is secure attachment, which is the tendency of the child to seek contact with a parent when distressed and to be effectively consoled by that contact.

“The result of more effective emotion regulation and secure attachment … is that children engage more effectively with essential developmental tasks, including peer relationships and schooling.”

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