This Single & Clever Mum Spent 4 Hours Making 68 Healthy Meals – That Works Out At $2.90 Per Meal!

All this single mum needed was FOUR hours to make enough meals to last her for WEEKS and WEEKS!

Nikola with her meal prep. Source: Supplied

Nikola Green, reveals she only spent $200 and managed to make 68 healthy meals, which she has neatly packed away in tupperware – that works out at $2.90 per meal!

Nikola’s meals. Source: Supplied

“I like to cook more than one thing at a time as it saves time,” says Nikola.

“I use all four stove top elements plus an electric wok and electric frying pan. I made 68 meals and I froze some. ”

Nikola makes use of her stove when she meal preps. Source: Supplied

But she’s not alone in the kitchen! Nikola enlists the help of her four-year-old twin boys to make food.

“My four year olds eat most of the meals I make, except maybe the ones that have a lot of chilli in them,” she says.

“I find it helps them eat their meals if they’ve been involved in the process. A lot of the meals I’ve made here are for their lunches.”

Nikola’s meals. Source: Supplied

“When I cook, I let the boys help and get involved and I find they are very proud of what they make. It’s like they give themselves the confidence they need to try it if they know what’s in it.”

Nikola only spent $200 on groceries. Source: Supplied

What Nikola Made:

Devilled Sausages

Devilled Sausages With Sweet Potato Mash

For recipe, click here.

Healthy Chilli Con Carne

For recipe, click here.

Red Curry

For recipe, click here.


5 Ingredient Chicken Laksa

For recipe, click here.

San Choy Bow

main slider - chicken san chow

For recipe, click here.

Chicken and Brown Rice Soup

For recipe, click here.

Korma with Zoodles

Beef Korma Zoodles

For recipe, click here.

You can find some of these recipes HERE and on our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Nikola says she freezes most of her food. Source: Supplied

Nikola has some more amazing top tips on how to meal prep like a pro, click here to find them out.

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“I’m changing my lifestyle for myself, but also so that I can be a better mum to them. I want to join in with them, not sit on the sidelines and watch.”

Nikola 16kg weight loss

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Nikola Green

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Nikola Green transformation

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