Nicole’s Weight Loss 14kg Update

Each month, the Healthy Mummy team are going to be bringing you a Motivating Mum who is on our plans and is losing weight to bring you an extra dose of motivation to help you in your own weight loss efforts.

If you would like to be one of our Healthy Mummy Motivating Mums please send us your name and details to i[email protected] Please note you to have already lost weight on our plans to be selected.

Today we get an update from Nicole Hope who has lost 14kg on our Healthy Mummy Plans and over November is showing us how she is staying healthy and motivated to reach her goal weight

Nicole’s update

Well my first 2 weeks as a Healthy Mummy motivating mum are going so well.

I feel great not only can I see in myself the changes already but I feel awesome uploading and showing off what I’m doing for the day and being a motivating mummy is defiantly what I have needed to try lose these last few kgs till goal weight.

Nicole's Weight Loss 14kg Update

It is my first time using the healthy mummy dvd this month and I am finding it wonderful and the results speak for them self already.

I am already starting to tone up and everything is feeling firmer.

The first 15 minute cardio exercise is a nice simple and easy routine to get the heart rate going and reminds me allot of how much I used to love body combat, but with the benefit of being low impact on my body as I have a lot of pelvic pain since having the boys.

I have been alternating during the week, every 3 days I do the entire dvd and the other days I do the 2 cardio routines with the ab and core workout. I was finding it a little too much impact on my body performing the entire dvd each day but the cardio work is great. As well as the dvd I have been doing at least an hour of additional cardio work in the night either on my treadmill, cross trainer or netball on Wednesday nights.

My first weigh in was Friday and I was absolutely blown away by my first loss which was a massive 3kgs. I have since then lost another 1kg and I am currently at my goal weight. I have lost 4kgs already since being a motivating mummy bringing my current lose from the healthy mummy plan to 14kgs.

I have not been this weight or felt so good about myself since before I was pregnant with my first bub over 3 years ago.

I have been sticking to healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast and most lunch times and then cooking a meal out of the 28 day plan.

As I have already done the plan before I know which meals I like and which ones I can tailor to my family needs so I’m not necessarily producing the meals from the correct day as you will see by my uploads. I have been very strict on preparing snacks and taking them with me if I am out in  the mornings and afternoons, which when you think about it isn’t any more effort as I would always prepare snacks and lunches for my toddler so why did I never do the same for myself before?

I am also finding it beneficial to me to prepare dinner in the early afternoon while my little bub and toddler nap. This means I can ensure by the time it comes to dinner time which tends to get very hectic in our house hold (which I’m sure is correct for all of us mums) I have dinner all ready to go and can be served up in no time.

My favourite meal from the 28 day plan at the moment has to be the chicken stir fry. The weather has been a touch cold so it is nice to have a hearty warm meal on these cold nights. My regular smoothie I seem to continuously be making is the Mocha smoothie, I’ve had a teething baby feeding around the clock so a caffeine hit first thing in the morning has been much needed to me.

We had friends over for the Melbourne cup so instead of reaching for a glass of champagne or wine I made a large batch of ginger ice tea which you can find in the spring and summer book and sipped that out of my champagne flute with a slice of lemon and plenty of ice. It was so refreshing and I still felt I was enjoying the day like everyone else.

One of my biggest challenges I’ve found has been the fact that I run a small cake decorating business from home and it is very hard not to taste test and graze on the constant supple of cake batters, icings and chocolate. It has taken an immense amount of will power while cooking and assembling cakes but luckily my toddler is still on hand to lick the spatula for me J

I’ve set myself a new goal weight now of 62kgs and I have also signed up for the summer challenge on the healthy mummy website pledging to be swim suit ready this year and be comfortable taking my family to the beach and being out in public, so I better get toning.

Stay motivated mummies.


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