A rare clothes-shopping adventure gave this mum the biggest shock!

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When Shanyn recently went for a rare clothes-shopping adventure, she was not particularly excited to begin with. However, upon the leaving the fitting room of a store – she was in absolute shock about what had just happened.


A rare clothes-shopping adventure gave this mum the biggest shock!

Shanyn says, “My kiddos were at daycare, so I went to the shops. Now, I have never been big on ‘shopping’. I have always been a sort of ‘grab what fits – looks okay – and run’ kind of girl.”

Shanyn grabbed a pair of shorts to try on. Something in itself she doesn’t ordinarily opt for. She picked up a size 14. That would fit right? NOPE!

“Excuse me lovely shop assistant, I need a size 12”, recalls Shanyn.

Excited to shop for the first time

When Shanyn realised she was actually a size 12, she was so excited!

“And then I tried on all the clothes”, she reveals.

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The Healthy Mummy has also helped this mum find a new love for clothes shopping!

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