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Revisit and Reinvigorate Your New Year Goal

What was your new year health goal?

New year's even traditions

It is at this time that I often recommend people to revisit their new year health goals. What were they? Are they working? Do they need revising or revamping? Do they or you need reinvigorating?

It is has been just over six weeks since the new year and many-a-resolution was made, but have you kept yours?

The reason why it is so important to revisit your goals for a new and healthy lifestyle, is because you need to re-motivate and cement the ideas into your everyday life.

Here are five steps to make sure you are on track and keep moving.

And remember, health is a journey, not a destination and small steps will win the race, I promise.

1.       Revisit your goal
Find where you have written your goals for the year. What were they? Do they still apply or are they still important to you?
2.       Is it realistic and doable
As a mother this is an incredibly important point. We do have a lot on our plates and we often feel responsible for the wellbeing of the whole family. So although your health is incredibly important, is going to the gym five times a week realistic and doable or is it a goal which will fall by the wayside and not be achieved?
It is critical that your health goal is actually realistic and is a goal aligned with your now life as a mother as well.
3.       Up it
In the same vain, you cannot become complacent with point 2 and use excuses. Yes, going to the gym five times a week for two hours without help with a 3 month old may not be achievable and unrealistic. But you can fit in exercise five times a week if your really want to arrive at your health goal.
This is when you need to revisit the goal, maybe reset it and then UP IT! If you want to walk five times a week. Do it, and then UP IT by changing one of the five days to a run or a dance session at home. Throw in something so that it is not repetitive and boring.
Up’ing’ it will keep the goal alive.
4.       Reenergise and motivate
This point has similarities to point 3 in that you need to keep your goals alive by re-energising them as to re-energise and remotivate yourself. Why do you want to achieve this goal?
As we said before, health is a journey, not a desitination. So make sure you motivate yourself along the way.
Give yourself mini goals and celebrate. For instance:

  • If you are aiming to lose 10 kg, at the 5kg mark, buy some new shoes or a handbag.
  • If you run that fun run, then reward yourself for a night out dancing with the girls.
  • Once you achieve cooking healthy meals each night for three weeks, buy some new pans or plates to serve.
  • Organise a training friend to walk with each morning or each Saturday with no kids.

Motivation is very personal, so it is what drives you. Find it, bottle it, then use it to keep you going.

5.       Cement and communicate
Once you have re-evaluated your goals from the new year, cement them and communicate them to either yourself out loud, written on the wall or in the bathroom (or diary) or communicate them verbally with your partner, friend or parent. You are accountable to yourself but by communicating them to someone else, you make yourself accountable to an other person which in fact my motivate you further when they ‘check’ in on you.

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