17 AWESOME meal prep tips to save $100 a week and lose 30kg

Sascha Farley is a 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member and has lost over 30kg. Since joining the 28 Day Challenge, this mum-of-two has become a meal prep guru and developed meal prep tips that have helped her slash $100 (and sometimes even more) from her weekly grocery bill.


Along the way, Sascha has learnt that meal prep doesn’t necessarily mean (or have to) a BIG BULKY cook up.  Small preparations over a few days can make the world of difference. “Simple, cheap, delicious and keeps you on track,” Sascha says.

Meal prep queen Sascha makes over 200 MEALS for charity!

Sascha’s top meal prep tips

So if you are interested to discover HOW Sascha saves big dollars on her shopping ($100 a week), meal preps with ease AND MANAGES to maintain her 30kg weight loss – then you must read on for her 17 TOP TIPS (plus you can check out the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge here)

“Over 30kg gone from using The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge and maintaining it couldn’t be more enjoyable,” Sascha adds.

1. Plan before you prep

Have everything set out for the week, make it exciting and enticing – Write a list and stick to it!

2. Cook double where you can!

Especially of dinner so it can be lunch the next day

sascha pasta

3. Pick meals that freeze well

Adding to the stash will make busy days a lot easier.

4. Get the family involved

Ask the family for their input when planning and get them involved in the cooking too – it will be more enjoyable for everyone and they are more likely to eat the food, especially the kids!

5. Choose simple recipes with 5 or less steps

If you need ideas – the 28 Day Challenge has 1000’s of them!

6. Look for short cuts

I find with most recipes there are always steps you can avoid or miss out and it doesn’t affect the meal

7. Get the right tools

A kitchen aid/blender.. big pots, containers etc

20 DELICIOUS and HEALTHY meals for UNDER $2.50!

8. Start with a clean area

And make sure you tidy as you go

9. Find ingredient overlaps

Especially things that are the base of a meal e.g rice, pasta, salad

10. Use lots of different cooking methods at once to save time

Oven, stove top, thermomix, blender etc

sascha spinach and ricotta rolls-2

11. Use a kitchen aid

Or go by hand to pre chop as much as you can!

12. Prep protein

Once cooked it can be stored for a few days then you can whip up a side dish to go with it on the night or the night before!

13. Organise your fridge and freezer

Set some time to clean up your fridge and freezer so you make use of all the space and only keep things in there you need


14. Pick 3-4 snacks to pre make

Things like bliss balls, slices and muffins and then make the rest of your snack throw together ones like yogurt and fruit, crackers and dip etc.. that way your not spending too much time in the kitchen

15. Mason jars

These are an awesome bandwagon to get on, they save time and space!

16. Repeat meals

You can still keep it exciting by using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge customiser and repeat meals, be creative, mince can make bolognese, san choy bow, gozlemes, burgers…. ya feel me?

17. Set out your containers just before the meal is ready

That way dishing it up is quick and simple

Sascha and Katie towers meal prep queens

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meal prep

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