SHOCKING! Study finds this many pregnant women get the flu vaccine

PLEASE NOTE: This article is not intended to scare. We want to inform, equip and educate women about flu and pregnancy. 

It’s important for pregnant women to look after themselves, especially when it comes to avoiding flu.

However, a shocking new survey from the Renters for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed less than HALF of expecting mamas get vaccinated.

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Less than HALF of pregnant get a flu jab

1,700 women filled out the survey, and it was revealed only 49% received a flu jab before or after their pregnancy.

When a pregnant woman contracts flu, many complications could arise such as premature labour and delivery.

This study took place in the U.S., but Aussie experts are still highlighting the importance of mums-to-be making sure they are getting vaccinated.

As flu viruses are constantly changing, it’s important to make sure you are up to date.

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Expecting mums could be exposed at any time during pregnancy

The same researchers analysed data from two million in Australia, the United States, Canada and Israel.

More than 80% of these pregnancies overlapped with flu season, highlighting how many mothers-to-be are exposed to the virus at some point during pregnancy.

Experts found that the flu shot was equally protective during all three trimesters, especially among women who suffer from asthma and diabetes.

You can get a free flu shot at any time during pregnancy, and it safe for pregnant women and their babies.

What you need to know about the 2018 flu shot

5 things to know about the flu and pregnancy

For more on pregnant women and influenza visit NSW Health website.

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