The Mountain Bread Trend Cutting Calories

This super simple trick will help you to cut down on calories (and time) for rolls, pizzas and pastries!
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Mountain Bread doesn’t just have to be for lunch wraps… it’s actually the perfect HEALTHY alternative to pastry. And it’s super simple! Just swap out store-bought-sheet pastry for mountain bread in rolls, pies, pizza and more. We told you it was simple!

If you aren’t already on board, here’s what to love about making the swap!

  1. Mountain Bread is lower in calories than standard sheet pastry!
  2. There is A LOT of hidden butter in store-bought sheet pastry; skip the butter, and opt for Mountain Bread instead!
  3. Mountain Bread doesn’t need to be thawed out before use, saving you prep time in the kitchen so you can get straight to cooking!
  4. Mountain Bread is egg and dairy free, so it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians!
  5. Mountain Bread has lots of good fibre to help keep you regular!

5 recipes you can use Mountain Bread for Sneak Peeks Straight from the 28 Day Challenge

Check out this sneak peek of mountain-bread recipes straight from the 28 Day Challenge. The most exciting part about these recipes? They’re all made with just 5 main ingredients (or less) plus seasonings! Delicious, easy and healthy.

Low Carb Pizza Pockets

Delicious low-carb Pizza Pockets, with cheesy ham filling in warm Mountain-Bread ‘dough’. YUM!

use Mountain Bread to make these Low Carb Pizza Pockets

Access this recipe in the 28 Day Challenge.

Chicken Sausage Rolls

Classic Sausage Rolls with a delicious, hearty chicken filling and sturdy no-mess Mountain-Bread ‘pastry’.

Use Mountain Bread to make these Chicken Sausage Rolls

Access this recipe in the 28 Day Challenge.

Curried Beef Triangles

Winter-warming and super simple Curried Beef filling, in a crispy Mountain-Bread ‘pastry’.

Use mountain bread to make Curried Beef Triangles

Access this recipe in the 28 Day Challenge.

Mountain bread lasagna

Family Friendly Mountain Bread Lasagne Just 280 Calories

Mexican Lasagna

Mexican breakfast wrap

Mexican Wrap

Mexican Wrap: A healthy Breakfast With A Spicy Twist

Check out more recipes using Mountain bread

We love this hack to make use of Moutain Bread in other recipes. Here are some more healthy, delicious and budget-friendly recipes for you to try:

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