Four proven ways to make your labour quicker and easier

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Whether you’re heading towards your first or fifth birth the thought of a long, difficult labour is something no pregnant woman looks forward to. So gather your baby bumps around, and have a look at our list of ways that could help make your labour quicker and easier (that you can do while you’re still pregnant!).

From foods to fitness, you may be surprised by what can help make your birth a whole lot smoother.

mum in labour

Four proven ways to make your labour quicker and easier

1. Stay fit and healthy

Of course, we at the The Healthy Mummy think this should be at the top of the list! You wouldn’t head into a marathon unprepared, and the same goes for giving birth. Your body is about to be tested, and you’ll need your strength and endurance to make sure you work your way through it as efficiently as possible.

The key to ensuring your body is ready to take on the rigours of labour and hopefully keep it as short as possible, is to stay healthy during pregnancy. Try and keep your weight gain under control, by enjoying healthy snacks and meals.

2. Eat dates

Low fat sticky date slice

The humble date is apparently a bit of a secret weapon when it comes to keeping your labour short, with less interventions. A small study of just 69 women discovered that the majority of those who had eaten six dates a day during their last four weeks of pregnancy went into spontaneous labour, and only 28 per cent of them needed oxytocin to help their labour along.

Here are some other powerful findings from the date study:

  • The women who ate the dates were further dilated when they arrived at hospital.
  • Their first stage of labour lasted an average of 8.5 hours, compared to 15 hours for the women who didn’t eat dates.

Thankfully, dates are delicious and make an appearance in many The Healthy Mummy recipes, like our Sticky Date Slice!

3. Drink raspberry leaf tea

A study of more than 100 pregnant women discovered just how powerful this humble cuppa can be in combat long labours.

What the research discovered that women can drink raspberry leaf tea during their pregnancy may be less likely to have their waters broken by medical intervention, need a c-section, forceps or vacuum birth.

4. Sleep well

Sleeping Well When Pregnant

It’s really important to make sure you get enough sleep in pregnancy, you’re growing a little human after all! But did you know the amount of sleep you have while expecting could impact the length of your labour?

One study discovered that pregnant women who slept less that six hours a night had longer labours, and were four and a half times more likely to have c-sections. Those who had their sleep severely disrupted were more than five times more likely to have c-sections. If you’re pregnant and struggling to get a proper night’s shut-eye, make sure you take a look at our tips on sleep in pregnancy.

Of course, before you try anything new during pregnancy (other than getting more sleep!), it’s best to have a chat to your doctor.

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pregnancy smoothie

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