10 odd things mums do on maternity leave

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For first time mums, maternity leave is a wonderful time of life. You get to take a few weeks off from work (unless you’re like some, where babe decides to arrive the day you leave) to hopefully relax. To spend on your own, preparing and awaiting the arrival of your baby.
pregnant -maternity leave

Let’s just note that maternity leave for each consecutive child is never quite like that first time around!

10 things mums do on maternity leave

1. Swim

The best feeling in the world, when you are swollen with life, is to lose all gravity in the water. Immerse yourself. If it’s winter, find the local indoor pool and if you have the energy to be active do an aqua-aerobics. If it’s summer – beach it!

2. Crazy online purchases

In the wee hours of the morning when you can’t sleep and you find yourself watching those amazing telesales shows. Steam mop? That would be perfect for when babe is crawling! Magic bullet? Yes, easy way to get in the food while breastfeeding! Contour pillows? How have I ever lived without them?

3. Nesting

I can’t count how many times I pulled out everything in the cupboards and drawers, refolding and then putting them back. I de-cluttered, re-organised, straightened up every single day, sometimes twice.

4. Socialising

You have to expect that all your friends are at work. So where is a pregnant woman to go? Bingo at the local club? Or some other bizarre group that you’d never had imagined yourself joining.

5. Read, research, read

pregnant maternity leave

While whittling the time away you will find yourself googling every which thing. What to expect in labour. How to breastfeed your baby. Ways to induce labour. How to get your baby to sleep.

6. Clean

Not just a normal deep clean. A deep, deep clean. Where you scrub the walls, soak the blinds, scrub the skirting boards with a tooth brush, bleach the grout. All those things that you just absolutely must do before baby arrives!

7. Find a new hobby

Like knitting, or crocheting. Or even patch work quilting. Truly believing that you are going to create a business out of this. Making special little gifts for every single baby ever born. Until you get halfway through and move on to the next idea.

8. Cook

Most mums I know cooked up a storm and froze all the meals. It’ll come in very handy for those nights that baby doesn’t sleep and you don’t get a spare moment to think!

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9. Create a nursery

Then move it to the next room. And move it back. Change directions. Change the colour. I was never content with the choices I made, until babe arrived and I’m not sure I ever changed it again! Until we moved out, that is, and I found myself sobbing leaving it behind.

10. Anxious waiting

Every day will be another day that you wish was not a day without your babe.

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