10 signs you have the PERFECT partner

Let’s face it, no one is perfect. But being in a healthy, loving and supportive relationship is – without-a-doubt – the key to a happy life.
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Let’s face it, no one is perfect. But being in a healthy, loving and supportive relationship is – without-a-doubt – the key to a happy life.

Relationships can be hard work, especially if you have kids to juggle between you.

It’s helpful to have someone to lean on during the tough times but it’s important you have someone who will love you no matter how you feel or look.

10 signs you have the PERFECT partner

Here are 10 signs your significant other is the perfect person for you…

1. Your partner listens to you

It’s important as a couple you try listening and seeing things from the other’s point of view to avoid any conflict.

You don’t have to agree on everything your partner says but it’s important you listen to how they are feeling or telling you anything. Free expression leads to a deeper connection and understanding.

2. They accept all of you

Warts and all. Acceptance is the ability to allow your partner to be who they are. You don’t have to love everything about them but you have to tolerate even their worst habits or past.

When someone accepts you for who they are, they let go of any desire to change you.

3. You communicate well

10 signs you have the PERFECT partner

Communication is key. There’s no need to bottle things up in a healthy relationship. You don’t need to blow your lid but by talking things through, they get resolved and you can both be on the same page.

4. There’s trust

10 signs you have the PERFECT partner

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, as it allows for both parties to feel safe to be fully accepted.

If you don’t have trust, you won’t feel secure that your partner will be loyal to you.

5. You are a team

10 signs you have the PERFECT partner

Teamwork is important in a relationships, as it allows you and your significant other to help each other. The more you help each other, the stronger your bond will be.

6. There’s physical intimacy

The majority of babies are born in September thanks to Christmas love making!

There’s nothing better than feeling connected to your partner.

When we’re physically intimate, the love hormone oxytocin is released and that can help increase those romantic feelings between the two of you and can put you in a good mood.

7. You allow each other to have space

10 signs you have the PERFECT partner

Space is just as important as connection. Time apart keeps the relationship healthy and fresh.

It also encourages you to maintain their own sense of identity, feel independent and no need to feel clingy or needy.

8. You resolve conflict quickly

You and your partner won’t agree on everything in life. When there is conflict, it’s important it’s resolved quickly and in a mature way. In some cases, conflict is a good thing but it can also be damaging.

If handled ineffectively, conflict can quickly lead to a breakdown of your relationship.

9. You feel equal

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Both people in a relationship should have an equal sense of power. Neither of you should feel like your opinion is being sidelined or that you don’t get a say in big, or even small, decisions.

10. You are respectful towards each other

Respect is earned and not demanded. When couples have respect for each other, it means you can both feel free to do things without fear of rejection or reprisal.

Being respectful towards you partner includes how you talk to them as well as how you behave towards them.

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