10 things that are virtually impossible to do once you become a parent

Congratulations, you’ve had your baby! Everything will go back to normal now, right? Wrong. 

Children bring so much joy and are the beginning of a whole new chapter of our lives – which is fabulous. However there are a few little things that become next to impossible once you have a baby. Have a read of them here.

10 Things That Are Virtually Impossible To Do Once You Become A Parent
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Here are ten totally tongue-in-cheeck things you may find a little tricky to do once you become a parent!

10 things that are virtually impossible to do once you become a parent

1. Enjoy a hot cup of tea

Remember those lazy days when you could roll out of bed and enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea? Well now it’ll be lukewarm at best if not tipped down the sink.

2. Sleep in

Speaking of rolling out of bed, you’ll find yourself doing that every three hours or so to feed your newborn. Or if they’re a little older, you’ve most likely experienced a 5am wake-up call from your toddler.

Bye bye sleep!

The Reality of Mum Life

3. Personal grooming

To sleep or to shower? When you’re told to sleep when the baby sleeps, it’s hard to fit in washing your hair or shaving your legs! Say goodbye to blow-drys, GHD curls, painted nails and moisturised knees.

4. Have some alone time

No time to kick back with a book or nip down to your favourite cafe solo any more. Now you’ll always have at least one more companion.

5. Spontaneous sexy times

It’s not so much about passion and doing it wherever you want these days, but more like “Quick they’re asleep, let’s go before they wake up.”

caught having sex

6. Be on time

Just when you’re ready to get in the car, baby vomits everywhere or has a nappy explosion which requires a major clean-up. And when you’re suffering from the dreaded baby brain, that certainly doesn’t help things!

7. Use the bathroom in peace

Seriously, they always find you. ALWAYS.

8. Keep up to date with adult pop culture

No you don’t know what Bruno Mars’ latest song is called but you can recount the latest episode of Peppa Pig in great detail.

Peppa Pig
Source: Peppa Pig. Youtube Screenshot.

9. Make a phone call

Just when you’re about to engage in a very important and serious call, your two year-old will probably strut in doing something loud and/or inappropriate.

This will then require you to interrupt and wish you just emailed/texted instead.

10. Visit the gym as often

It’s definitely trickier to find time for a workout once you become a parent but we have some awesome tips to sneak in some exercise! Next time you take the kids to the playground, strap on your trainers and try our Cardio Burn Workout For Busy Mums.

Cambodian and Caucasian baby that was just born two minutes before.
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Since becoming a mummy, is there a leisurely activity you miss?

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