12 Most Commonly Asked Weight Loss Questions ANSWERED

We recently asked the mums in our Healthy Mummy community what weight loss help they would like to help them to get through the 28 Day Weight loss challenges

We put together a list of the 12 most commonly asked questions and ANSWERED them ALL.
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12 Most Commonly Asked Weight Loss Questions

1. How many calories do I need each day and do I need to calorie count everything?

A:  Click HERE.

2. What if I am going travelling?  How can I still stay on track?

A:  Click HERE.

3. The scales are not moving and I am FRUSTRATED!!  What is going on?

A:  Click HERE.

4. I want to understand more about breastfeeding, calories and weight loss?

A:  Click HERE.  breastfeeding

5. I need time and money saving tips. 

A:  Click HERE.  

6. How do I save money at the shops.

A:  Click HERE.

7. How do I deal with an unsupportive family?

A:  Click HERE.

8. Healthy food swaps to suit budgets or taste.

A:  Click HERE.

9. How many calories does average activity workout burn? 

A:  Click HERE.  Rhian doing HIIT boxing

10. How can I stay motivated at that time of the month?

A:  Click HERE.

11. Should I exercise when I feel sick? 

A:  Click HERE.  

12. How can I stop feeling tired?

A:  Click HERE.

We hope these tips help you.For more inspiration why not read all through the weight of stories of some of these amazing mums.


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