15 things you probably didn’t expect during the third trimester

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Once you make it to the third trimester, you’re on the home stretch. And while you’re firmly aware of the stretch marks, excessive sweating and swollen body parts that await you during the final three months of pregnancy, here are a few more things you only discover once you’ve reached this milestone.

These, mums and mums-to-be, are the little things we learn during the final 12 weeks of pregnancy.

pregnant belly - loading

And then there were 12 weeks left…

Here’s what you’re bound to discover!

1. You will learn just how awful a sugary orange drink can be.

Also known as the gestational diabetes drink which you need to chug before your test. And which will leave you feeling like you just consumed a carton of carbonated chalk.

2. You will also find out just how many stairs there are to climb to get to your OB-GYN’s office.

Because you’re be climbing those steps, sitting in the waiting room and talking to your doctor frequently now. It may seem like the only outing you go on in the last month is to visit him.

3. Your belly will pretty much take over the bulbous melon section in the fruit aisle.

third trimester

We’re talking honeydew and watermelon size.

4. You will learn how to handle pain without heavy duty painkillers.

Complementary and alternative therapy, like complaining, swearing and throwing things at your partner, are the perfect soothers for hip, back and leg pain.

5. You will discover the joy of long summer dresses.

third trimester

No buttons, zips or belts required.

6. But you will hate your bed.

Beds are supposed to be comfortable. But when you have a mountain of baby in front of you, it can be tricky to find a suitable sleeping position. And thus, blaming the bed (or your snoring husband beside you), is perfectly acceptable.

7. You will experience a strong sense of empathy for giraffes, elephants and sharks.

All of which have a pregnancy of 15 months or longer.

8. You will realise just how ridiculous it was to think you could manage your own beauty routine.

Shaving, waxing, or even painting your own toenails at this stage is pretty much out of the question, unless you’re comfortable getting naked and in a position that you may be stuck in until someone can come home and roll you over.

9. You will discover the humour in heavily pregnant sex.

It may bring on labour, but it is also hilariously awkward, especially during those final few days. All you can do, really, is laugh.

10. Your entire pelvis will feel like it’s falling out.

I'm Pregnant When Do I Tell Everyone

Blame the swelling. And grab an ice pack.

11. You will learn to sleep with a towel underneath you.

Why? Well, if your breasts haven’t started the pre-baby leak party yet, they are bound to soon. That, or your waters will break. Best to be prepared.

12. You will pee your pants.

One unexpected sneeze is all it takes.

13. You will discover your disdain for calendars, due dates and other time-tracking device.

Close up of a pregnant woman's belly, woman standing next to a grey background and holding a clock representing a proximity of a due date

What’s the point in having a due date if the baby doesn’t give a damn about it?

14. You will crave spicy foods, pineapples and garlic.

All suggested to bring on labour. So even if you don’t crave them, you will probably still give them a try if you make it to your 40th week.

15. You will start to notice just how many new babies there are out there.

And it will become increasingly obvious that you’re still lugging your little one around in your uterus.

Next stop? Labour and delivery!

But, through all these unexpected discoveries you make during the third trimester, you also learn the invaluable lesson of patience. Because your little one calls the shots. And this is just the beginning.

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