15 Truths Mums Really Want To Tell Their Husbands

Motherhood can be exhausting, unrelenting and thankless, and often we would love to tell our husbands a few home truths but don’t – until now.

15 truths mums want to tell their husbands

It seems we have lots of things we would like to say to our husbands but don’t. Maybe because we know it won’t change their behaviour or because we can’t be bothered with the ensuing fireworks that might follow.

Here are just some things real mums would like to say to their partners!

15 truths mums want to tell their husbands:

1. Would it kill you to pick up that toy instead of just stepping over it?

2. Just put the empty toilet rolls in the bin.

3. You suck at doing dishes. (But I will ALWAYS thank him, profusely)

4. I know you’re buggered after work but would it kill you to give me 30 mins of adult conversation, as I’ve spent the last 8 hours with 3 kids.

5. I hate it when you say ‘I heard you the first time.’ Well then why didn’t you have a physical reaction to my request or at least acknowledge me talking. Something like ‘sure, I’ll do it as soon as the ads come on’, would suffice.

6. The boys do what you just told them off for, because you do it too.

7. Put things back in the pantry when you’ve finished with them.

8. I’m tired as well, you’re not the only one that works. But I also run a house does your washing, cook dinner, clean, get up to the kids any time in the night, while you snore away.

9. Stop picking up after me will ya! I can’t find a feckin’ thing!

15 truths mums want to tell their husbands

10. Are you surprised I’m stressed when I’m dealing with full-time work, studying, both the kids’ school work, their extra-curricular stuff, birthday parties, laundry, food shopping, cooking?

11. It would be completely amazing if you organised something socially. Just once.

12. Just don’t even think of telling me you’re tired because you will never know the sheer exhaustion of being sleep deprived while also producing your baby’s food from your own body. Just don’t.

13. Don’t tell me to calm down! Let me rant this pi**ed-off feeling out.  I’m not angry with you I’m angry with ‘blah blah’ and I need to just vent without you trying to fix or rationalise things.

14. When my husband says ‘remember when we got together, we’d have sex 10 times a day, we should go back to that’. And I really want to reply: ‘Oh before two kids, a mortgage, double management income, and two business ventures, oh and the fact you do **** ALL at home.

15. See that basket right next to the dirty clothes you just put on the ground? Yeah? Use it.

BONUS TRUTH. Putting clothes in the machine does not mean the washing is done. There are more steps.

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