16 crazy pregnancy facts that the doctor forgot to tell you

You already know pregnancy is an incredible time in a mum’s life, filled with strange symptoms, crazy cravings and emotional outbursts. But beyond the stretch marks and the sleep problems there is another whole wacky world to pregnancy. And we’ve uncovered it all right here.

Prepare to be blown away by the sheer craziness of these pregnancy facts.

pregnant belly with love heart

Did you know?

1. During pregnancy, you grow an organ.

Not just a baby. But an actual organ too – the placenta.

2. The placenta will grow 50 kilometres of blood vessels.

Seven Surprising Things Babies Can Sense in The Womb

No wonder you’re so bloody tired all the time!

3. Placenta is Latin for “Cake.”

Why nobody brings this awesome tidbit of trivia up during antenatal class is beyond me! And for those who choose to encapsulate or consume the placenta, this fact brings a whole new meaning to the term, “You can have your cake and eat it too”.

4. Pregnancy can last over a year.

Not normally, of course, but it has in the past. In 1945 to be exact when 25-year-old Beulah Hunter gave birth to her daughter Penny, after carrying her for over a year. Beulah’s last menstrual cycle was an incredible 375 days (12.5 months) before her daughter’s birth.

5. Babies in the womb drink a whole lot of pee.

7-month fetus in womb

From the second trimester on, babies pee in the uterus, then drink it. Then pee again. Then drink it. In fact, amniotic fluid is pretty much just sterilised pee. And babies drink about 1 litre of it each day.

6. In addition to drinking urine, babies also cry in the womb.

But scientists explain that it’s not because they are sad or distressed. They are just practising.

7. A woman’s uterus expands to more than 500 times its normal size over the course of a pregnancy

And, oddly enough, so do their feet (it’s the extra blood circulating). And their hearts. A pregnant woman’s heart can grow up to 12 per cent to accommodate the extra blood for bub. Like a pregnant Grinch. Nawwww.

8. Even in the womb, your little one eats first.

Cropped shot of a young pregnant woman eating a yogurt in the kitchenhttp://

Baby takes all the nutrients he needs before the food goes on to you. Again, it must be practising for life outside the womb. Because the moment you sit down to enjoy a meal, your baby will decide he needs to feed first.

9. Skin changes are incredibly common.

Nine in ten women experience a change in skin tone during pregnancy.

10. You can get pregnant when you’re already pregnant.

It’s incredibly rare but it has happened. Known as superfetation, double pregnancy occurs when the body carries on releasing more eggs for fertilisation after a pregnancy has already started.

11. You are more likely to break a bone during pregnancy.

Varicose Veins, Spider Veins & Swelling During Pregnancy

You can thank the hormone relaxin for this. It softens the joints so that your hips and pelvis can open up for birth but also makes your bones more prone to breaks.

12. The most common pregnancy cravings are fruit, milk, chocolate, salty snacks and dairy products.

And the most common food aversion? Meat, according to Janet Pope, PhD, an associate professor of nutrition and dietetics at Louisiana Tech University.

13. Your unborn baby can actually heal you.

If a mother damages an organ during pregnancy, the baby in the womb sends stem cells to help repair the damage.

14. In Australia, most women opt for pain relief.

Scientifically Proven! Swearing During Labour Can Help REDUCE Pain!

3 out of 4 women who experienced onset labour said yes to medication.

15. Your uterus is basically stronger than a body builder.

And it deserves a medal. Because with every contraction during labour, the force equates to 180 kilograms of pressure per square foot.

16. Your pelvis falls into one of four different categories.

There’s the Gynaecoid pelvis, the Anthropoid pelvis, the Android pelvis and the Platypelloid pelvis. The most suitable (and common) pelvic shape for childbirth is the Gynaecoid pelvis. And that’s your anatomy lesson for the day.

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