17 Things Only Mums Who’ve Bottle Fed Know

Like millions of women across the globe I have breastfed and bottle fed my children, and while we all have difference experiences, there are a few things that only mums who’ve bottle fed know.

17 Things Only Mums Who’ve Bottle Fed Know

17 things only mums who’ve bottle fed know

1. You ‘poo poo’ the thought of a fancy pants steriliser but after a week of boiling up lids, nipples and bottles in a soup-kitchen size pot, you fork out whatever it costs to get a device that sterilises bottles without requiring you break a sweat.

2. Hell hath no fury like you have when someone tips out a bottle of liquid gold, aka breast milk, without your permission.

3. Despite reading the formula instructions 264 times you STILL read it every time you make up a bottle, especially when you change from newborn to six month.

4. Thanks to a breast pump, that you can’t seem to keep in exactly the right spot to get the best flow, you know exactly how it feels to be a cow.

5. When you measure out scoops of formula into a container to take out with you, you think you have lost count and so pour it all back in and start again. You do this about five times. You end up writing down each scoop as you go!

6. That feeling of delirium you get when you’re so tired you’ve morphed in to your mattress and someone else gets up to feed your baby in the middle of the night instead of you.

7. It’s taken all your willpower not to lose your nut when someone has said to you “oh don’t worry; maybe you’ll have better luck with breastfeeding next time.”

8. A breastfeeding mum has given you advice on how to get your supply up and you’ve just smiled and nodded because quite frankly you don’t want to be breastfeeding anyway.

9. There are 142 types of baby bottles and you own about half of them and same with the nipples. Read our guide for choosing the best baby bottles for your baby.

17 Things Only Mums Who’ve Bottle Fed Know

10. You heart melts when you see one of your other children feeding your baby a bottle and talking to them all cutesy.

11. You don’t have to guess how much milk they’ve had and you know your baby isn’t screaming because they are hungry.

12. The incredible variety and texture of a baby’s formula fed poo is really quite astounding, and so is the smell!

13. The most expensive formula on the market will be the ONLY one that doesn’t bung up your baby or make them have a sore tummy.

14. You’ve been tempted to line up the empty formula tins and play indoor bowling with them, in fact there are at least two scattered around the house being used as storage containers for something.

15. You’ve realised life is easier if you make a bottle using water at room temperature because with your first child you always warmed the water/milk and they refused to drink milk if it wasn’t exactly the right temperature.

16. There is always an unopened bottle of water somewhere in your handbag, which comes in handy for so many things not just feeding your baby.

17. You’ll really appreciate having someone else to help you out with feeds (especially those early morning ones when you’ve been up all night).

No matter how you decide to nourish your little life we support you every step of the way. Here are five things to have on hand before you start feeding your baby.

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