‘Today Was A 30 Biscuits Kinda Day’ – Mum’s Honest Post Is A Must-Read

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Some days we nail it. Other days we struggle. And other days, well, we eat 30 biscuits in one sitting. Mum-of-three Rae Willingham’s hilarious depiction of one of those ’30 biscuits’ days had our community laughing out loud.

Revisit her hilarious post that serves as a much-needed reminder that, some days, we are allowed to crumble.

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Sure, she may have eaten 30 biscuits. In one sitting. But she also didn’t unleash on her husband. So, overall, it was a pretty good day for Rae.

Earlier this week, Healthy Mummy community member Rae shared her story about the day that nearly broke her on our Facebook page. Her part-hilarious-part-inspiring story gained over 460 likes and dozens of comments from mums who have been there/ate that.

We loved it so much, we couldn’t help but reshare. Why? Because we’ve all been there. We’ve all had those days. And, sometimes it’s good to know that, even on those 30 biscuits kind of days, it is possible to turn things around.

“The day that nearly broke me!!”

“So. I ate 30 biscuits today.
In one sitting.
No word of a lie.”

This is how Rae starts her story. For Rae, who has been using the Healthy Mummy programs for months now, and who has lost an incredible 17kg*, eating 30 biscuits in one sitting isn’t exactly the norm. And it wasn’t just any old bickies.

As Rae later explains, it was those extra indulgent “Mcvities deluxe variety from the UK. The chocolate collection. All of the tray….”

But, as we all know, sometimes one biscuit turns into five. And then ten. And then the whole friggin’ package is empty and you’re sitting there unsure whether to laugh, cry or give up on life.

“They made me feel sick and gross and I ate them out of stress and that makes me feel crap,” Rae admits.  The bikkie binge left her in a bad mood. “It’s oozing out of my pores and it’s affecting everyone, which is in turn affecting me and then we are all stuck in this vicious cycle of grump and it’s gross.

And then the final straw – her husband came in and looked at her the wrong way.

Run…or Murder My Husband

Rae had two choices. To attack her husband. Or to storm out the door and take her anger out on the pavement. She chose the latter.

“I ran it out and I am feeling stoked with my split times. I haven’t really ran in months and it feels so good to just get some energy out and reset.”

The moral of the story?

As Rae so eloquently explains in her equally inspiring-and-hilarious story. “Even on a day that looks like it’s just going to be a 30 biscuits kinda day; there is a chance to turn it around and make it a day of 30 biscuits and a day of doing good for your body.

I don’t use exercise as a trade off for food but I do use it to stop me murdering my husband and I guess that’s just as important.” 

So, to every Healthy Mummy who has been cleaning up baby vomit or toddler urine for most of the day, who hasn’t had a chance to even shower, let alone think about exercise, and who accidentally just consumed an entire tub of ice cream, don’t stress. It’s never too late to change things around.

Thanks Rae, for being a complete legend and telling it how it is. And a massive congratulations for not killing your husband this week. That deserves another biscuit. Or 30…

Community members, you can check out the full post here. 


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