39 Things Mums Come To Know As They Reach 40

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As celebrities reveal their pregnancies to the world in a myriad of fashions, there’s also a whole stack of other mums who are done and dusted with having babies.

We are women of all ages, but many like me are just a stone’s throw from the big 40. You live and learn, but here 39 things every mum needs to know before they reach their 40th year.

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What To Know Before Big 4 0

1. It’s okay to wear the same shirt to school drop-off three times a week, on alternative days of course, because you know no one is taking any notice.

2. If someone does point it out or you think it’s been talked about, you don’t care because people like that have no place in your life.

3. It takes about 5 weeks to put on 5kg but a massive five months to lose it.
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4. You can’t drink like you used to and when you try, you end up social media stalking all of your ex’s and friends you’ve fallen out with. Uh oh!

5. Teaching your children how to make your morning coffee is one of the best lessons you can teach them.

6. The best way to embarrass your children is to have your car windows down and play daggy 80s music REALLY loud.

7. You no longer feel the need to justify any of your parenting or life decisions.


8. Green and red jeans should be left in the 1990s, as should that sexy teddy-style lingerie outfit with the domes at the crutch.

9. You know to steer clear of people who freely talk about others in a negative way, for they too are probably doing the same about you.

10. So you don’t get involved in school pick-up gossiping sessions or roped into helping at the school disco; you always to arrive at school just before the bell goes or you wait in the car for the kids to come to you.

11. You’ve learned not to say sorry so much and stand by your convictions. Well, unless your child just opened their car door and scratched someone’s shiny black Audi, then you’re extremely sorry.

12. You accept that compliment about your hair, clothes, makeup and avoid saying ‘oh it only cost $5’ or ‘I’ll wake up looking like a pig’s breakfast tomorrow’.

13. Instead of getting hung up on the size of your clothes, you choose a size that looks good on you because what’s in a number?

14. You learn there’s no point in having your say on Facebook because no one really wants your opinion, they just want to have theirs and then have a go at you if you disagree with them.

15. It’s obvious to you that someone who always posts positive and happy things on social media might just be putting up a front because they’re going through a rough patch.

16. You’ve learned it’s never a good idea to suggest to another parent that their child might have flaws; it’s up to them to acknowledge it and if they can’t see it then it’s none of your business.

17. You’ll find those pesky skin tags just seem to pop up over night as you near 40. But don’t try to remove them, they just come back!

18. Hair, hair, everywhere, who knew that getting older meant you would now be well equipt to deal with a holiday in the arctic circle and take part in Movember!

19. You know you’re not everyone’s cup of tea and so you stop trying to be. You will just end up trying to be someone you’re not.

20. It’s no longer important to you to make sure everyone likes you.

21. You no longer try to get plants alive and stick to succulents or peace lilies; they are kind enough to wilt to let you know they need water instead of just up and dying.

22. You take your mum’s advice and have a pair of clean underwear in your handbag in case you have to be admitted to hospital and the ones you’re wearing have holes in them.

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23. It’s about quality not quantity these days and this relates to all things. You’ll find you ditch cheap and nasty and treat yourself a little more because you deserve it.

24. Having a massage isn’t as fun as it used to be because you have a dodgy bladder, and the table is uncomfortable for your hip bones, and you wonder if you’re lying on a clean towel.

25. Thanks to netball on hard courts as a kid, your pesky knees will creak when you get up and when you go from the floor to an upright position, you make grunting sounds such as ‘ugh’ or ‘aghhh’.

26. A night out with the girls is fun because you don’t care about competing for attention and you can dance the night away without worrying about how unco you look.

27. While you’re unco dancing and socialising you don’t have a care in the world because you’re not worried about what others think of you (or your dancing).

28. If you want something now you just ask for it instead of waiting for it to come to you.

29. When you’ve been waiting in line and someone jumps the queue you TELL them! You’re not afraid of putting your needs first.

30. Going to bed on clean sheets day is up there with having a children that don’t fight for an hour – BLISS!

31. When you see grumpy or rude people you know that it’s more about them RATHER than you and it doesn’t bother you as much.

32. You don’t care about what other people think about your dress sense, you’re dressing for you not them.

33. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a shocking singing voice, you sing as loud as you like because it makes you happy!

34. You know that it’s none of your business what other people think of you.

35. You wish you could go back and tell that 20-something you to save more money and chase dreams not men.

36. There is no point in trying to change someone because they are who they are, and if you can’t accept that, then it’s on you.

37. Children don’t see our flaws and think we’re perfect the way we are, so you stop talking negatively about yourself and see yourself through their eyes.

38. Your parents might not be around forever, so you cherish every phone call and visit them with.

39. Life is a gift and the best years of your life are ahead of you!

Here’s to growing older and wiser because your age doesn’t define you, your actions and state of mind do!

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