4 breakfast recipes you can make using kitchen staples

You don’t need loads of fancy ingredients to make a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Look at what you already have in the fridge, freezer and pantry and you will probably see that you can make all four of these tasty breakfasts without going shopping for extra ingredients.

Vanilla Cinnamon Waffles

Each of these recipes come from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

We have hundreds of breakfast recipes for members, including pancakes, poached eggs, banana bread and loads more. All delicious and ALL weight loss friendly.

Which of these will you make for breakfast tomorrow?

4 breakfast recipes you can make using kitchen staples

1.Vanilla and Cinnamon Waffles

144 calories per serve

These waffles (pictured at the top of the page) are a fabulous ten minute recipe that the whole family will love.

A waffle maker is used in this recipe but if you don’t have one you can just cook the batter like you would a pancake, in a frypan.

Ingredient checklist – Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix, flour, baking powder, milk, cinnamon, egg and jam. Another delicious waffle recipe!

Recipe here.

2.Oats with Vanilla Cherry Compote

5 Ingredient Oats With Vanilla Cherry Compote

409 calories per serve

You can make the fruit compote ahead of time and store in the refrigerator or freezer so you can save time in the morning.

Use whatever frozen fruit you have on hand – we love cherries but raspberries, blueberries or a mixture would be lovely too.

Ingredient checklist – oats, milk, frozen cherries (or berries), vanilla and oranges.

Recipe here.

3.Spinach and Feta Puffs

Spinach And Feta Puffs

320 calories per serve

These crispy, healthy puffs make a delicious breakfast to give you a warming start to the day. The kids will love these too (or pop any leftovers in their lunchbox).

Ingredient checklist – frozen spinach, eggs, feta, garlic, pepper and pastry.

Recipe here.

4.Cherry Ripe Chia Pudding

Cherry Ripe Chia Pudding

179 calories per serve

This healthy breakfast ticks all the boxes. It’s low in calories, tastes fantastic, it’s prepared in advance to save you time in the morning, and it’s only got a handful of ingredients. And did we mention that it tastes like a Cherry Ripe?

Ingredient checklist – chia seeds, coconut milk, frozen cherries, vanilla, honey and cocoa powder.

Recipe here.

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