5 Kids Party Lolly Bag Ideas That Don’t Contain Lollies

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Sending kids home from a birthday celebration, where they have often consumed their body weight in sugar, with a party lolly bag full of lollies isn’t going to win you any favours with anyone.

Sure treats are fun and kids love them, but maybe leave the party food at the party and instead send children home with a thank-you party bag with something a little different.

Kids Party

5 party favour bag ideas that aren’t lollies!

1. A crafty kit parents will love you for

Most children like to make things so find a kit-set of some sort, maybe some play dough or even craft supplies, depending on the age of the kids. Not only will it hopefully keep kids amused for awhile but it might even give their parents five-minutes of peace, and they will LOVE you for that!

Tip: To cut costs why not make your own play dough using ½ cup salt, 1 cup (c) flour, 2 tablespoons (tbs) cream of tartar, 1 c water, 1 tbs oil and 3 drops of liquid food colouring (of your choice). Makes enough for about four kids, keep in fridge in plastic bag.

2. Create a mason jar of ideas

Get some piece of paper and get your kids to help write up some ideas about activities bored children can do. Some ideas can include musical statues, a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt, a bike ride, trip to the park, dress-up game. Just fold the notes up and put inside the jar and pretty it up with a bow!

3. Outdoor activity kit

We’re always being told that kids aren’t spending enough time outside so why not put together a fun kid that will encourage children to do just that. Maybe even buy a butterfly net, magnifying glass or even just a plastic container with a lid for kids to collect insects, or bugs. You don’t have to spend a fortune, most thrift or cheap shops have such items for just a few dollars.

Tip: Bubbles are always a HUGE hit with kids of all ages.

Kids Party

4. A book or diary.

Little readers will appreciate something tangible that they can keep forever and it will also remind them of the party. If not everyone is mad about books then you can’t go wrong with a little book or diary and a cheapie set of colouring pencils for kids to use to put down their thoughts at night or draw some of their masterpieces.

5. A sports-themed party bag

If you’ve had a pool party send each child home with a blow up beach ball, similarly if the theme was pirate or soccer based, find a whistle or a sword that fits the theme and kids will actually use. If you have time or the energy why not write on the items in a permanent marker saying ‘thanks for coming to my party!’

Bonus idea

Find a little plastic planter container or box from your local hardware store and buy a packet of flower or vegetable seeds, the kids will love growing something from scratch.

If we teach healthy habits from a young age then hopefully our kids will crave less of the junk as they grow, well that’s the theory anyway!

If you’re planning a kids birthday party soon, then read our mum hacks on how to make an easy peasy kids birthday cake, or you could purchase our healthy kids cookbook for fun ideas on healthy party food.

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