5 recipes that your kids will LOVE with 5 ingredients or less!

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Healthy Mummy community mum, Annette, lost an incredible 20kg* with the Healthy Mummy after the birth of her second baby, and she’s currently on her weight loss journey again following the birth of her third baby in February. Along the way she has discovered 5 recipes that her kids LOVE FROM The Healthy Mummy…and ones that they will eat NOT MATTER WHAT!

5 recipes that your kids will LOVE with 5 ingredients or less!

Annette says, “I believe one of the reasons that the Healthy Mummy meal plans and recipes are so successful is because they are not only family friendly but also great for time poor mums on a budget!”

Annette's Daughter_Hotdog_Final

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Annette says, “I don’t have time to make one meal for myself and another for the rest of the family, so it’s important to me that the meals I make are kid friendly.

“It also means that I don’t have to worry about that dinner time battle that so often happens when you make something that the kids don’t want a bar of!”

Annette has tried and tested a whole heap of meals on her two kiddies, and these below Healthy Mummy recipes have been some of the quickest to make and QUICKEST to be consumed. Her kids love them.

Check out Annette’s TOP 5 RECIPES that your kids are guaranteed to love, with 5 ingredients or less!

1. Healthier Hot Dog

What kid (or husband) doesn’t love a good hot dog?

“I love these because the kids feel like they’re getting a treat for dinner and they can choose their own ingredients and put them together themselves as well,” admits Annette.

These little hot dogs can be found in the 28 Day Challenge Recipe Hub.

2. Chicken and Mushroom Risotto


Annette says, “I love risotto! It’s often a go-to dish when we’re having extra people over for dinner and kids love rice. This is one dish my kids usually go back for seconds for.”

This recipe can also be found in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Recipe Hub.

3. One Pan Lemon Chicken & Roast Vegetables

This recipe is so quick to prep!

Annette says, “I love adding in whatever veggies that I have left over that need to be used up. I can throw it in the oven and forget about it for half an hour!”

Check out this recipe HERE.

One Pan Lemon Chicken

4. Quick Pork Curry

Here’s another favourite from our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Annette says, “I love that with the Healthy Mummy recipes my kids are being introduced to different cuisines and flavours. This one is such a belly warmer and only uses 5 main ingredients!”

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5. Cashew Fried Rice

Annette says, “This one feels like you’re enjoying take away on a Friday night without all the extra calories!

“I often make extra serves of most of these dishes as they are so quick and easy and it means I have a freezer stash to use when I’m desperate!”

You can find this recipe in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Recipe Hub.

Want more recipes using less than 5 main ingredients?


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