6 helpful gifts to give a new mum (that she actually needs)

Part of the fun of a new baby is buying little gifts for both mum and bub. Flowers are always pretty and tiny clothes are cute, but if you’re looking for helpful gifts to give a new mum, we’ve got you covered!

gifts to give a new mum

While most mums will relish any gift you give, there are some gifts that really are super helpful in the days, weeks and months after a new baby arrives. Here are some of The Healthy Mummy’s top tips.

1. Homemade frozen meals

Cooking goes out the window when a new baby arrives. I was forever grateful for those friends and family who made me meals for the freezer that I could pull out whenever we needed one.

Simple, healthy meals that reheat well are a great freezer staple. You can find heaps of recipe inspiration on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

2. Help with washing

Hanging out the washing squat

It’s super practical and costs you nothing but helping out a new mum with the washing will always be an awesome gift.

If you pop by to visit, make yourself useful. Hang out any washing, fold anything that needs folding or offer to take a load (or three) home.

3. Gift a cleaner

What is better than coming home to a clean and tidy home?

Coming home to a clean and tidy home that YOU didn’t have to clean or tidy!

If you are looking for a helpful gift to give a new mum that will really make her day, gift her a voucher for a cleaner. Trust me, she will love you for it.

4. Snacks

Choc Banana Lactation Cookies

Being a new mum is hungry work, especially if you are breast feeding. Every new mum will love you for stocking her fridge, freezer or pantry with healthy snacks. One handed snack ideas are even better- particularly these dairy free choc banana lactation cookies!

5. Baby sling or carrier

If you are wanting to buy an actual ‘item’ for the new mum, one of the most helpful and practical gifts around is a good sling or carrier.

Check first if she already has one or has a preference for a particular style. Then check out our guide to carriers to give you some ideas.

6. Emergency supply kit

When the first temperature strikes baby at 2am one night, mum will be forever grateful for your emergency supplies kit containing baby Panadol.

Put together a gift box of boring but essential supplies that every mum needs a some point. Think baby Panadol, Fess spray, a baby thermometer, Gastrolite, nail scissors etc.

What gifts did you receive after having a baby that were super helpful? 

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Michelle Thompson-Laing

Michelle lives in Sydney with her three gorgeous little boys and her equally lovely husband. When she's not writing, Michelle can be found knee deep in laundry or attempting to shower alone. She can't live without lists, tea, girlfriends and a bit of chocolate each day. Michelle loves sharing all things organisation; from home hacks to budget tips. Her motto is organise, declutter and simplify your home, family and finances for life.