6 Tips To Keep Your Sanity During The Morning Routine

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Trying to get out the door in the morning when you’re exhausted is hard enough, but throw in a stubborn toddler, a newborn and a dash of a feisty schoolie to the mix, and you’ve got a whole lot of morning madness to contend with.

6 Tips To Keep Your Sanity During The Morning Routine

Here’s a few tips to help keep your sanity intact during the morning routine

1.  Get prepared the night before

After a long day of work, kids and general life chaos, the last thing most mums want to do is think about the next day. However, if you spend just 10 minutes before you go to bed getting ready for the next morning you will save some morning stress. Make as much of the kid’s lunch as you can, prep for breakfast and put out clothes for little ones.

Tip: Put your gym or work clothes out the night before to stop the morning ‘what am I going to wear’ stress!

2. Use devices and TV to your advantage

Screens are big time wasters in the morning and can be hard to get kids off, so if you’re going to let them watch TV or their tablet make sure they’re dressed, bag packed, teeth brushed and ready to walk out the door before they use them.

3. Create a morning chart

While most big kids usually manage to remember their drink bottles, library books etc, little ones often need reminding and a chart that they can tick off as they go is a good idea. It not only makes getting organised a little fun for them but means they aren’t without a hat or their lunch at kindy or school.

Hint: Have a basket of shoes at the door that you exit to get in the car, that way you won’t be searching for them every morning.

4.  The 3-minute ‘you time’ trick

Once the kids are FINALLY strapped in the car, and as long as it’s not too hot or cold in there for them, take 3 minutes to go to your bedroom. Check your shirt isn’t on inside out, brush your teeth, touch up your make-up if required and compose yourself. Mornings are manic and kids fighting are common, but by giving yourself a few minutes of peace your sanity will thank you.

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5.  Make a plan for your day

If you’ve got a home day planned or have little ones that don’t go to kindy or school, then while the kids are in their highchairs throwing porridge on the floor, take time to sit down and write a plan what you want to achieve that day. Having some structure, such as scheduling in a walk to the nearest park; will stop you from feeling like every day is the same.

6.  Do not check social media – much!

We all do it, have a quick scroll through our various social media accounts, but before you know it you’ve been sucked down a rabbit hole and 20 minutes later you’re still on your phone or computer. If you must have a quick nosey in the morning, limit yourself to 5 minutes and then put down your phone until the morning madness is over.

Tip: While it’s tempting to ignore invites to leave the house because it’s all just too hard, you might find that once you and baby are out and about your mental health will thank you!

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