7 Ideas For Exercising In Winter

As the temperature drops, it’s very common for your motivation for weight loss exercise to plummet as well.

After all, if you have to choose between exercise vs staying indoors with a woolly jumper and a heater – it’s no contest really.

7 Ideas For Exercising In Winter

A great way to ramp up that exercise mojo is to focus on the answer to this question – ‘why do I choose to exercise?’ It might be:

  • To be a positive role model for my kids
  • To be healthier and fitter
  • To feel more like ‘me’ again
  • To look better naked
  • To clear my head
  • To assist with reaching my weight loss goals
  • To tone up

7 Ideas For Exercising In Winter

1. Work out in the loungeroom

Grab your Healthy Mummy App  and pick one of the 500 workouts available. You could do a 10 or 15 minute session as often as you can squeeze in. Why not try doing a session before the kids get up, while they nap, or while they’re occupied eating lunch?

2. Use equipment at home

If you’ve got anything like a treadmill, skipping rope, or some hand weights – pull those out and use them in the warmth of the house.

3. Head to a heated pool

If you live near an indoor heated pool, pack the kids up and head there in the cold weather. Jumping about in the warm water can burn calories while you play with the kids at the same time. You could even meet a friend there with their kids and take turns for a ten minute solo swim.

4. Run up and down the stairs

If you have stairs at home, spend ten minutes a few times a day just running up and down them. It’s a great way to boost your heart rate, and the interval style training is great for toning too. Find out more about the benefits of stair running here.

5. Go to the mall

A shopping mall is a great place to go when it’s cold outside. They’re air conditioned, have parking out the front, and are free of wind/rain/snow so there’s no chance of blaming the elements for cancelling your workout. Pop the kids in a pram or trolley and go for a half hour walk around (it can be a good idea to give the kids a snack and a drink to keep them busy).

6. Add more incidental exercise to your day

Take your time doing tasks at home to boost your steps and general movement. For instance you could fold the washing and take each item of clothing to pack away one at a time. You could do squats while you wait for the microwave to beep. Do some lunges while you spoon-feed a baby. Everything you do burns calories – from gardening to housework.

7. Make a play date

If your kids play well with someone else’s children, try inviting them over to play while you and the other mum do some exercise. This way they are entertained enough to allow you to do a quick circuit (such as the HIIT exercises in our 28 Day Challenge or exercises from our personal trainer that can be found on our website).

Feedback from mums who do the HIIT exercises on the 28 Day Challenge

“The workouts are fabulous! Everything you can do on the lounge floor while you have a few spare minutes between loads of washing while bub is napping- no excuses!”
Cat Christ

“The exercises got me out of my normal routine trying new combinations, got my heart rate up and fit in with my busy life as a mum.”
Laura Flannagan

So jump on the HIIT exercise bandwagon for maximum results and you can join the Challenge here.


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